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Yokohama Rubber got their start as the result of a 1917 joint venture between Yokohama Cable Manufacturing and B.F. Goodrich, which is now part of Goodyear. Given that Yokohama is a Japanese based company, their factory and operations were largely destroyed during World War Two. Since then, Yokohama has rebuilt from the ground up to become a leader in performance tire technology!

Yokohama Tires – Models

High performance tires are Yokohama’s main business. They also offer other tires for a wide range of applications, including off-road and winter tires with increased traction in cold weather conditions. YK580 Orange OilPassenger Vehicle Tires Avid/Tornante/YK580 – Yokohama is unique in that in place of some petroleum oils, they use orange oil in their tire creations. This allows for a better performance at different speeds and creates a less toxic production. Yokohama’s passenger vehicle tires offer unbeatable performance, with many models featuring runflat technology. The Avid lineup offers touring performance, while the YK580 offers flagship performance with exclusive orange oil technology. 3QHigh Performance Tires Advan – Yokohama’s Advan lineup features some of the most performance oriented tires available today. This lineup features incredible, unbeatable performance on and off the track. If you’re shopping with performance in mind, then Yokohama’s Advan lineup should be your #1 choice. Many models feature the same orange oil technology that makes Yokohama’s tires capable of incredible performance. Yokohama TiresSUV & Crossover Tires Avid – Yokohama’s Avid lineup stretches across multiple applications, and for good reason. These are quality, purpose built tires with great treadlife and superb traction. Avid technology for SUV & crossovers come with the same run-flat technology featured in their passenger vehicle and light truck lines. The Avid lineup also features Yokohama signature Orange Oil construction, which creates a better tire. LGeolandaright Truck & Commercial Vehicle Tires Avid/Geolandar – Yokohama brings their touring performance and ride-ability of their Avid lineup to the truck market. For those looking for a little bit more off-road power, Yokohama offers the Geolandar lineup. Featuring a wide, knobby stance, these tires excel in off-road conditions. Other, more tame models of the Geolandar exist for a smoother drive on paved roads, and feature the same quality Orange Oil innovations. iceGUARDWinter Tires iceGUARD/Wdrive – Yokohama offers the same level of high performance options when it comes to winter tires. Yokohama’s iceGUARD lineup offers models for all vehicles, including passenger vans. The iceGUARD lineup is complete with advanced traction on all of winter’s surfaces, such as dry, salty roads or icy, frozen lanes. The Wdrive tires offer advanced performance from a winter tire.

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