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For over 60 years, Toyo tires has been a world leader in performance and off-road tires. The company was founded in 1945 in Japan. Since then, Toyo has gone on to excel in motorsports, particularly with import tuners (heavily modified Japanese cars). When consumers began demanding larger rims with lower profile tires, it was Toyo that was first to market with 26, 28, and eventually 30 inch car tires in the consumer market. Toyo ranks incredibly well among consumers, appearing as the #1 rated tire brand 8 times since the year 2000.

Toyo Tires – Models

Toyo is unlike other tire makers in that while most focus on off-road or performance tires, Toyo has a very strong lineup in both. Their Proxes lineup has captured several podium positions, while their Open Country lineup can handle any terrain.

PVersadoassenger Vehicle Tires

Versado/Tourevo/Extensa – Toyo features a number of all season passenger tires for any need or budget. The Versado ECO was designed for hybrids, offering decreased rolling resistance and a very smooth ride. The Versado LX II offers an even mix between the ECO and the LX, a more luxurious touring type of tire. The Tourevo and Extensa tires both off incredible touring capabilities and eco-mindedness, with the Extensa being friendly on any budget.

ProxesHigh Performance Tires 

Proxes – Toyo’s Proxes tires are competition proven, track ready performers. While this high level of performance may not be for everyone, they are the clear choice when it comes to high performance tires. Proxes tires come in all-season variants, so no matter the weather you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your car. There are also specific models in the Proxes lineup that are designated as track-only, offering incredible performance for your local track day.

ProxesSUV & Crossover Tires 

Proxes/Open Country – The Proxes lineup isn’t all track grip and racing, the T1 and ST II models feature performance for your SUV. The SUV models in the Proxes lineup offer excellent tread life and a smooth, quiet ride without sacrificing the performance that makes the Proxes well known. The Open Country lineup applies to SUVs, crossovers, and trucks. The Open Country lineup has treads capable of handling both off-road and on-road surfaces.

Open CountryLight Truck & Commercial Vehicle Tires

Open Country/M-55 – As mentioned above, the Open Country lineup excels where the road ends. These tires feature a very aggressive, knobby tread that is capable of handling any kind of surface. Features of the Open Country lineup range from extended tread life, diesel specific heavy torque treads, and even some city applications. The M-55 lineup is Toyo’s commercial truck option, offering exceptional performance for industrial applications.

Observe G3Winter Tires

Observe – Toyo’s Observe lineup of winter tires features a model for all levels of winter. From simple enhanced rubber compounds and treads to fully studded ice shredders, the Observe lineup can tackle a light dusting of snow right down to a frozen wasteland. The Observe G3 features pieces of crushed walnut shell in its composition, offering even more traction without the need for studs.

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Whether it’s high performance track slayers or knobby and thick mud slingers, Toyo has just the right tire for your vehicle. IF you drive an import vehicle, then you simply must check out Toyo’s range of tires.

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