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Given Italy’s rich automotive heritage, its no surprise the country has also developed a world-leading tire manufacturing company. The Pirelli Company was founded in 1872 buy Giovanni Battista Pirelli in Milan. As with other rubber companies, Pirelli began diversifying their lineup, and originally produced bicycle tires as well as telegraph cables and submarine cables. Pirelli produced their first automotive tire in 1901. Since then, they have gone on to win numerous championships in a variety of Motorsports, including F1, Rally, and Superbike events. Pirelli has over 20 years of experience as the official tire supplier of F1 racing, experience earned over blocks of years since the 50’s. Pirelli at one point held companies operating in a wide range of fields, from telecom to real estate. Pirelli has since re-structured its company, now focusing solely on quality tires.

Pirelli Tires – Models

While Pirelli may be best known for their racing heritage (including a partnership with Lamborghini that has been in place since Lamborghini’s birth in 1963) they do produce a full line of tires for any vehicle application.

CinturatoPassenger Vehicle Tires

Cinturato – Pirelli offers the Cinturato lineup for everyday vehicle performance. This lineup features trickle down advancements from their higher performance tires. The Cinturato lineup offers increased gas mileage while continuing to offer both wet and dry performance and a long tread-life. Pirelli makes Cinturato models for a wide variety of applications, and sportier, more nimble models are present in this lineup.

P ZeroHigh Performance Tires

P Zero/RX/RK/RE/N/K/KM/XR/Sottozero Snow – As expected, Pirelli offers a well-equipped lineup when it comes to high performance tires. The P Zero models offer the highest performance possible before dipping in pure motorsport areas, and are compatible with a wide range of performance cars. The RX, RK, RE, and N all offer exceptional track performance in wet or dry conditions (with the N being the true wet track performer). The K, KM, XR, and the Sottozero Snow offer off-road, rally inspired performance.

CarrierSUV & Crossover Tires

Scorpion/Carrier – The Scorpion lineup from Pirelli offer a top choice when it comes to SUV and crossover vehicles. These tires feature slightly more aggressive treads for the occasional dirt path, but also allow for comfortable city driving  with increased gas mileage.  The Carrier lineup represents Pirelli’s most economical tire, offering a comfortable city ride with increased fuel economy and a very long tread life.

PS22 PistaLight Truck & Commercial Vehicle Tires

PS22 Pista/01 Models – The PS22 Pista is Pirelli’s off-road, military grade tire. This tire allows for both a tube and tubeless design. The tubeless design also allows for bead-lock and run-flat technology, ensuring that no matter the conditions, you’re well equipped to handle the terrain. Pirelli offers an incredibly wide range of 01 model tires. This model lineup has applications on any spot of a long-haul transport, or short-haul deliveries as well.

Ice ZeroWinter Tires

Winter Sottozero/Winter Snowcontrol/Ice Zero/Winter Carving Edge – Keeping with Pirelli’s commitment to performance, the Winter Sottozero lineup was made. These tires offer exceptional handling on high performance vehicles in low temperature conditions. The Snowcontrol lineup offers the the same level of winter driving safety, with increased stopping time and performance. The Ice Zero and Carving Edge lineups feature a studded ride for the ultimate in safety.

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With a rich racing heritage and modern performance to match, you can count on quality when purchasing a set of Pirelli tires. You don’t have to be hitting the track to enjoy the performance and grip that Pirelli offers, nor do you have to be strictly a summer driver.

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