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One of the oldest and most prestigious tire companies in the world is Michelin. Based out of France, the brand has been in existence since 1889. In that time, Michelin has become the world’s leading tire producer. Offering not just tires for cars and trucks, but for heavy equipment, motorcycles, bicycles, aircraft and even space shuttles. The company also produces shoes with Michelin rubber for soles. Gary’s offers a wide range of Michelin tires, from performance sport tires to beefy winter treads. You can be sure that all your Michelin tires Ottawa needs will be met when you shop with us!

Michelin Tires – Models

With such a diverse lineup, it can be hard to keep track of all the tire models Michelin offers. Michelin offers a tire for nearly every vehicle and every application, so if you’re looking for quality, then you’ve come to the right place.

DefenderPassenger Vehicle Tires

Energy Saver/Defender/Primacy – These tires feature all-season treads and offer year round performance. The Michelin Energy Saver offers increased fuel savings and decreased rolling resistance. The Defender is Michelin’s most popular all-season tire, and is rated to last up to 145,000KM with a limited warranty. The Primacy lineup ranges across multiple vehicle set ups, and features enhanced ride comfort (aimed primarily at minivans) over the other models.

Sport TiresHigh Performance Tires

Pilot Sport Series – Michelin has some strong commitments to various Motorsports around the world. Their Pilot Sport series tires represent this, with offerings from OEM fitment on sportier vehicle models, to slick track day set ups. The Pilot Sport series does include some all-season variants, but mainly focuses on summer or dry performance. These tires offer the very best in high performance, but can be limited when it comes to tread life or fuel efficiency.

LatitudeSUV & Crossover Tires

LTX/Latitude – These tires meet the unique demand for tires that excel in the city and off the beaten path. Michelin’s LTX series are aimed more towards the latter, while the Latitude series offers exceptional performance on pavement. There is an even mixture of all-season and summer tires in this line up, so finding the right tire for your application should be easy. Other models, like the Energy Saver, can also be applied to certain SUV’s and Crossovers that are looking to save some fuel.

XPSLight Truck & Commercial Vehicle Tires

LTX/XPS – As mentioned above, Michelin’s LTX tires feature improved off-road traction. With the LTX, no sacrifices are made to fuel efficiency or wet performance, as these tires are more than capable of every day use. Michelin’s XPS lineup uses increased strength steel casing for increased durability. This makes the XPS the choice model for commercial vehicles and fleets across North America. The XPS model tires are also re-treadable, further increasing their lifespan.

Michelin Tires Ottawa X-IceWinter Tires

X-Ice/Alpin – When shopping Michelin tires Ottawa there’s no doubt winter tires will come up. Our city demands better snow and ice performance than other major urban areas, and Michelin delivers. Michelin’s X-Ice series is one of the most popular winter tires on the road for a reason, they really do help decrease stopping distance. The Alpin series is a sub-model of other popular variants, such as the Pilot, Primacy, and Latitude. The Alpin designation means the tires are better suited for snowy and icy conditions.

Michelin Tires OttawaGary’s Automotive – Your Source For Michelin Tires!

With a prestigious lineup and a proven history of performance, you simply can’t go wrong with a set of quality Michelin tires. Gary’s Automotive is your source for quality Michelin tires, with our knowledgeable service experts and handy tire finder tools.

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