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Hankook Tires was founded as the Chosun Tire Company in 1941 in what is now South Korea. After the Korean War ended in 1953, the company re-branded itself as Hankook Tires. Both names, Chosun (Translated as Chosŏn) and Hankook (Translated as Hanguk) refer to Korea as a whole, with Chosŏn being used by the North and Hanguk being used by the South. After the war, Hankook rebuilt and eventually made their way to North America in the 1980’s. Hankook worked hard to become a premiere tire distributor, and as of 2012 offers OE tires for Volkswagen, Audi, the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes S-Class vehicles.

Hankook Tires – Models

The technological advancements to come out of South Korea in the last few decades has been incredible. Vehicle production from Hyundai, and electronic technology from both Samsung and LG all paint a picture of a very innovative country. This same innovation is what drives Hankook’s impressive tire lineup, from track record breakers to off-road grip.

KinergyPassenger Vehicle Tires

Ventus/Kinergy/Optimo – Hankook offers a tire for nearly every application, with 3 different lineups for passenger vehicles alone. The Ventus lineup offers a high performance option for every day driving, with incredible dry and wet traction. The Kinergy lineup features models with the best gas economy rating in both Europe and Japan for all-season performance. The Optimo lineup offers your basic tire, an all-season reliable ride with a long tread-life and low rolling resistance.

Ventus TDHigh Performance Tires

Ventus F, Z, R, SR, TD – Hankook offers one of the largest lineups of performance based tires. From full track, to track and road, rally and rally-cross, Hankook has a fit for any need. The F model is Hankook’s track slick, offering incredible performance. The Z, R, and SR models all feature advanced traction for wet or rally driving conditions. The TD and R-S3 offer the highest performance possible on road-rated tires.

DynaproSUV & Crossover Tires

Ventus/Dynapro/Vantra – Hankook’s quality Ventus lineup features models made for premium SUVs. The SUV variant offers top of line wet and dry performance. The Dynapro lineup delivers high-performance ratings to the SUV market, with limited rolling resistance, noise cancelling technology, and increased ride comfort. The Vantra lineup offers a more economical solution than the Ventus or Dynapro, without sacrificing ride quality or performance.

Dynapro MTLight Truck & Commercial Vehicle Tires

Dynapro AT,MT/Smart/AL,DL,TL10/AL,DL11 – Hankook offers tires for any size of truck, from an off-roading Jeep, to an international long-haul transport. The Dynapro truck lineup offers incredible grip in dirt, mud, sand and gravel.  The AL, DL, and TL designations stand for All Location (meaning the tire is suitable for any position on a transport), Drive Location (meaning the tire is best suited to the drive wheels on a transport), and Trailer Location (meaning the wheels are best suited for use on trailers) The 11 series offers increased tread-life.

Wi'Pikeinter Tires

Winter i’Pike/Winter i’cept – Hankook has high quality winter tires for a wide variety of conditions. From a light flurry to complete blizzards, the i’Pike and i’cept lineups have you covered. The i’cept lineup features everything you’d expect from a quality winter tire: incredible grip in wet conditions, low temperature performance and reduced stopping distance on snow and ice. The i’Pike lineup features all the performance advantages as the i’cept, with the added benefit of stud-able models.

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