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Without the efforts of Charles Goodyear, we may not have the tires we know today. The patent for vulcanized rubber was awarded to Charles Goodyear on June 15th, 1844. The vulcanization process is what allows rubber to become much more durable with the addition of sulfur. This process increases the rubber’s strength while decreasing how sticky it is, a characteristic crucial for tires and other applications. It was this discovery that lead to the formation of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, almost 40 years after Charles Goodyear himself had passed away. In 1999 a joint venture with another company saw Goodyear obtain Dunlop tire assets, and continues to sell Dunlop tires to this day.

Goodyear Tires – Models

Goodyear operates as one of the first, if not THE first company to produce commercially viable pneumatic vehicle tires. This rich history means an excellent modern lineup of Goodyear Tires!

AssurancePassenger Vehicle Tires

Assurance/Eagle –  With a good blend of all-season and summer performance, theses two lineups from Goodyear can counted on in any situation. The Assurance line features primarily all-season models, while the Eagle line is composed of summer models. Both lines feature tires that excel in performance, fuel efficiency, or traction. Certain models in the Assurance lineup are rated for a 130,000KM limited warranty while still offering above average performance and handling.

Dunlop MaxxRaceHigh Performance Tires

Dunlop Direzza/SportMaxx –  While Goodyear does make performance tires of their own as part of the Eagle lineup, the majority of high performance tires fall under the Dunlop name. Dunlop’s Direzza models feature premium dry sport performance in a wide variety of sizes. Their Sport Maxx and ZII models feature track ready performance. The downside to ultra-high performance tires is that while they offer unparalleled grip and performance, it normally comes at the cost of tread-life and fuel efficiency.

Dunlop Grandtek TouringSUV & Crossover Tires

Dunlop Grandtek/Signature – Goodyear offers SUV and crossover tires under their Assurance lineup, but the majority of tires in this category are sold under the Dunlop name. Dunlop’s Grandtek lineup primarily features OEM fitments, with an all-season tread. Grandtek tires ship with many new SUV’s and crossovers, and also fit some small trucks. Their Signature lineup features enhanced grip and a formidable all-season tread, and offer enhanced comforts over the Grandtek.

Wrangler MT/R Light Truck & Commercial Vehicle Tires

Goodyear Wrangler/Hi-Miler & Dunlop Mud Rover – While Goodyear may hold back on its branding for sport performance tires, the opposite is true for knobby off-road monsters. The Wrangler lineup features tires that are capable quiet operation on pavement, and aggressive traction off-road. The Wrangler MT/R is built with Kevlar, making it extra resistant to off-roading dangers. The Hi-Miler is Goodyear’s commercial vehicle tire, which also comes in an off-road variant.

UltragripWinter Tires

Goodyear Ultragrip & Dunlop SP Wintersport – Tires being sold under both the Goodyear and Dunlop name offer incredible winter performance. The Ultragrip lineup fits nearly every vehicle type, and features some models that can be outfitted with studs for increased ice traction. The Wintersport lineup is similar, in that it offers fitments for nearly every vehicle and has options for including studs for ice performance. Goodyear even offers winter tires for sport and luxury vehicles.

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The original tire manufacturer continues to produce tires of unrivaled quality and performance. Gary’s Automotive is your one stop shop for quality Goodyear tires. Simply come in and speak with one of our mechanics or use our handy tire finder tool today and find the perfect fit for your vehicle!



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