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Four major tire producers got their start in Akron, Ohio in the late 1800′ and early 1900’s, of which General Tire was the last to be founded in 1915. General Tire found success in tire production offering replacement tires for Model T’s, and with a savvy business sense, expanded into a media and rocketry conglomeration during the great depression. It was that savvy business sense, possessed by both founder William F. O’Neil and his son Thomas F O’Neil that has allowed General Tire to continue to sell tires to this day. After years of serving the tire, radio (a division that was bought off the famed Howard Hughes), television (selling some early assets to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz), film, and rocketry market, General Tire became part of the Continental Tire group in 1987. The General Tire name lives on in North American Markets.

General Tires – Models

General Tires has a long history of providing OEM tires to truck manufacturers. With that level of quality, it’s easy to see why General Tires has been around for over 100 years, and continues to sell tires today.

AltiMAX HPPassenger Vehicle Tires

AltiMAX – The AltiMAX lineup from General Tire features a few different models, ranging from high performance to road rated cruisers. The AltiMAX HP is offered in an H (up to 210 KM/H) or V (up to 240 KM/H) speed ratings, which are rated to a tread life of 90,000 and 64,000 kilometers respectively. Both tires feature noise reduction technology and visual wear indicators. The AltiMAX RT43 features a 120,000 kilometer treadlife for a long lasting, smooth ride from all-season performance.

G-maxHigh Performance Vehicle Tires

G-Max – G-Max tires from General Tire are all-season performance machines. These tires have speed ratings up to 270 KM/H and offer loads of sticky grip when cornering. These performance tires feature early wear indicators, to asses any potential alignment issues early in the tires life. They also feature a monitor strip in the center of the tread, further alerting drivers to any issue with alignment or tire wear.

Grabber HTSSUV & Crossover Tires

Grabber – The Grabber lineup features a number of performance enhancing features, built from General’s time in desert racing. The build quality behind the Grabber lineup is unbeatable, with high strength steel belts and casing reinforcements. The SUV and crossover Grabber tires feature a 15% decreased rolling resistance over older models, which allows for greater fuel savings. The Grabber also features noise cancelling tread designs.

GrabberLight Truck & Commercial Vehicle Tires

Grabber- Some models in the Grabber lineup are road and dirt models made for the occasional bit of gravel, but some are aggressively treaded off-road beasts. The base model Grabber, for example, has been used by professional off-road racers for years. These tires are tough, with a patented 3-ply construction for enhanced durability under any condition. Despite the tread, General has built in some noise reduction technology for the occasional highway drive.

AltiMAX ArcticWinter Tires

AltiMAX Arctic – Continuing the reliability of the AltiMAX lineup, General offers the AltiMAX Arctic tire for use in extreme cold or winter conditions. These tires feature a unique stud pattern, should you need to traverse any frozen lakes or patches of ice. The tread pattern also counteracts hydroplaning, meaning wet, icy roads are less daunting than before. With General’s rubber compound, you also get an increased tread life and cold-weather certification by the RAC (Rubber Association of Canada)

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