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Firestone is a tire company that has it’s roots firmly planted in automotive history. The company got it’s start in 1900 as a supplier to buggies and wagons. Firestone’s creator and founder, Harvey Firestone, had a strong friendship with another automotive legend, Henry Ford. As a result of this friendship, Firestone became the original equipment provider for the Ford Model T. Firestone would later go on to become a leader in racing tires, winning Indianapolis 500 races for nearly 50 years from 1920 to 1966.  Gary’s Automotive is proud to be your supplier of Firestone tires Ottawa!

Firestone Tires – Models

Firestone may not be the tire giant it once was, but that doesn’t mean its incredible lineup of tires has suffered. Firestone offers some of the most reliable tires on the market today!

Precision TouringPassenger Vehicle Tires

Affinity/Precision – Firestone’s Affinity and Precision lineups represent reliable, every-day drivers. The Affinity offers a good price for a basic commuting tire. The Precision offers every-day dependability but turns up the performance. The Precision is rated for a longer tread life, as well as being tuned and designed for increased sport performance. Both lineups feature all-season tread for year-round quality and performance.

Indy 500High Performance Tires

Firehawk – The Firehawk lineup from Firestone features their signature Wide Oval Indy 500 tire, a tire that won the race for nearly 5 decades. These tires are capable of achieving speeds up to 200 MPH. Firestone also produces an all-season model of the Wide Oval, so you get quality performance no matter the weather. The Firehawk GT Pursuit is a tire specially developed for law enforcement vehicles, which is now available to the public. It was developed in partnership with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

DestinationSUV & Crossover Tires

Destination – The Destination was designed specifically for SUV and crossover vehicles, and features one of Firestone’s most comfortable rides. With it’s asymmetrical tread pattern and long tread life, the destination is the perfect all-season tire for your crossover or SUV. The Destination may be one of the more expensive lineups from Firestone, but the quality is well worth the cost.

TransforceLight Truck & Commercial Vehicle Tires

Transforce – Firestone packs a wide range of tread features into their Transforce truck tire lineup. The Transforce HT is applicable to both light trucks and commercial vehicles, making it an easy choice for on-the-job professionals. The Transforce performs in any type of weather, from wet conditions to snow and ice, making it an all-season powerhouse. Expect an average price from an above average ride!

WinterforceWinter Tires

Winterforce – The Firestone Winterforce is one very capable ice grabber. Offering incredible traction without sacrificing road noise levels. The Winterforce lineup features studdable treads, meaning when you really need to go above and beyond in terms of traction, Firestone delivers. For all their performance, the Winterforce lineup offers an affordable option for high quality winter tires from Firestone.

Firestone Tires Ottawa _2011_Indy_Japan_300Gary’s Automotive – Ottawa’s Source For Firestone Tires

Firestone offers some of the highest performance tires available, and with their rich racing history they have the prestige to back them up. You can count on quality Firestone tires to deliver premium performance that’s easy on the wallet.




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