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As with the majority of tire producers, Cooper got their start in the early 1900’s in Akron, Ohio as a group of smaller companies that would go on to become Cooper Tires in 1946. Cooper and the companies that made it up have a long history of producing high quality goods, including landing boats, camouflage items, life jackets, inflatable badges, and tires for the allied forces during WW2. After the war, the United States Government formally recognized Cooper Tire’s war efforts with the Army-Navy award for excellence.

Cooper Tires Ottawa – Models

With Cooper Tire’s outstanding history, it’s no surprise they continue to be a strong force in the market today. Cooper continues to have a strong commitment to the racing world, With sponsorships primarily in the drifting scene.

Cooper Tires Ottawa TouringPassenger Vehicle Tires

Touring/Trendsetter/Lifeliner/Cobra – Cooper’s Touring line represents the companies standard tire design. All tires feature an extended tread life and ultra-quiet road performance. With other microscopic design elements, the Touring is a smart choice for anyone looking at new tires. The Trendsetter lineup delivers an entry level price on Cooper’s performance, and the Lifeliner offers higher performance. The Cobra lineup offers traditional styling and high performance.

Cooper Tires Ottawa ZeonHigh Performance Tires 

Zeon – The Zeon lineup offers high performance handling with the benefit of increased tread life. The Zeon’s low profile design excels both on the track and off, and features enough noise dampening for every day use. The unique rubber compounds also deliver high performance in wet conditions. The Zeon lineup offers a tire in both all-season and summer tire varieties, for any vehicle driving condition.

Cooper Tires Ottawa DiscovererSUV & Crossover Tires

Discoverer/Zeon – Unlike other SUV & crossover tire producers, Cooper Tires makes a tire that is actually suitable for off-road use. Their Discoverer lineup features treads from mild to wild, so no matter what your drive brings you’ll be ready to conquer the roadways. Cooper Tires’ Zeon SUV and crossover tires feature the same high-performance standards as their passenger models, with enhanced grip and thicker, more resilient treads.

Cooper Tires Ottawa Discoverer Off-RoadLight Truck & Commercial Vehicle Tires

Discoverer/Roadmaster – Cooper Tires creates even more off-road capable models in their Discoverer lineup for use on trucks and other off-road vehicles. These tires aren’t quiet, but they do offer some of the finest off-road performance around, with rating for buoyancy as well. The Roadmaster lineup features a wide range of big-rig and other delivery vehicle tires for any application.

Cooper Tires Ottawa Weather MasterWinter Tires

Weather-Master/Discoverer – Cooper Tire offers their Weather-Master lineup, a group of tires that have applications on any type of car, with enhanced winter performance. Weather-Master tires are available in both studded and stud-less models. As before, Cooper Tires offer their classic Discoverer lineup in a winter tire models, which also allow for studded or stud-less applications.

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Cooper Tires offer a wide range of performance sport, off-road, winter, and daily commute tires. No matter what or how you drive, you can count on Cooper Tires for a smooth, comfortable ride!


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