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One of the oldest and most diverse tire companies in the world, Continental continues to offer some of the best tires on the road today. Founded in 1871 Continental has become the world’s 4th largest tire manufacturer (after Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear) With a long history in racing and innovation, Continental tires continue to be featured on raceways around the world. Continental currently leads in design innovations, constantly learning from their OEM fitments on Volkswagen, Ford, Volvo, Freightliner Trucks, BMW, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Renault, and Porsche vehicles. While many tire producers got their starts creating bicycle tires, Continental along with Michelin are the only ones who continue this proud heritage. Continental Tires are seen as some of the most reliable and fastest bicycle tires for road use, something that certainly scales up into their automotive divisions.

Continental Tires Models

With some of the longest history in the business, Continental has certainly evolved into a strong lineup. Continental features tires for nearly any occasion, and you can count on quality Continental Tires from Gary’s Automotive!

ContiSportContactPassenger Vehicle Tires 

PureContact/ExtremeContact/ContiSportContact – As expected, Continental has quite the wide range for passenger vehicles. For all season performance, the ExtremeContact lineup is your top choice. This lineup features some of the lowest rolling resistance and highest tread life. For summer driving, the ContiSportContact features some of the highest performance available, with proven track and road performance. Both models offer excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.

ExtremeContactHigh Performance Tires

ExtremeContact DW – For most people looking for performance, the ContiSportContact lineup would be more than enough grip and handling. For those looking to take their performance a step further, Continental offers the ExtremeContact lineup. The ExtremeContact lineup features a wide variety of features, such as advanced tread design and composition. The ExtremeContact lineup offers speed ratings up to 300 KM/H, the highest rating possible.

ContiCrossContactSUV & Crossover Tires

ContiCrossContact/ContiTrac – Continental’s SUV and crossover lineup offers a wide range of options, from tires with a bit more tread for dirt roads, to tires with decreased rolling resistance for everyday city driving. The ContiCrossContact features excellent dry performance, offering low rolling resistance and a high-mileage tread compound. The ContiTrac lineup features many of the same innovations in an all-season package.

HCSLight Truck & Commercial Vehicle Tires

Conti4X4Contact/HCS – In addition to offering tires suitable for incredible speeds, Continental also offers tires suitable for extreme off-road use. The Conti4X4Contact lineup features tread designs and compound that can handle everyday highway driving and a little off-roading. The HCS (or Heavy Construction Service) lineup offers the very best in off-road performance. Designed for Military use, the HCS lineup is unbeatable when it comes to leaving the pavement behind.

ExtremeWinterContactWinter Tires

TS 800, 810, 830/ExtremeWinterContact – When it comes to winter tires, Continental is a step ahead of the rest. Offering specific tread designs for compact cars (800) medium luxury and SUVs (810), high performance vehicles (830) and advanced low-temperature icy conditions (ExtremeWinterContact). All of Continental’s winter tires are stud-less, offering excellent cold performance when the temperatures drop.

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From Military-grade off-road to high speed racing treads, Continental Tires has just the tire you need for any application. When looking for your next set of quality Continental Tires, be sure to book with Gary’s Automotive!

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