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While BF Goodrich officially became part of the Michelin Tire company in 1988, That didn’t stop them from producing a rich history of firsts. The company was on the market roughly one year before Goodyear, making it the second oldest or oldest (depending on the account) consumer tire producer in the world. BF Goodrich in their day went on to be featured on the first car to cross the United States, to be used on the landing gear of the Spirit of St. Louis (first non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean), and to be outfitted on the Columbia Space Shuttle. BF Goodrich has also succeeded in being a 5 time Dakar Rally winner. Today, Michelin continues to sell tires under the BF Goodrich name, while the the Goodrich research division has been bought as part of UTC, an aerospace engineering company.

BF Goodrich Tires – Models

BF Goodrich continues to develop and produce it’s own high quality tires, separate from it’s parent company Michelin. BF Goodrich offers incredible value for some of the most advanced tires on the market.

Advantage TAPassenger Vehicle Tires

g-Force/Advantage – The most straightforward offerings in BF Goodrich’s lineup are all-season touring pieces. The g-Force offers reliable performance and good tread-life with slightly sportier and responsive handling. The Advantage lineup offers an incredible 6 year or 120,000 KM warranty in addition to its other features, like a comfort focused tread, decreased rolling resistance, and a stickier grip.

g-Force Sport Comp-2High Performance Tires

g-Force Sport COMP-2 & T/A KDW – When it comes to performance BF Goodrich tires, look for the g-Force designation. These tires are designed for a wide range of performance usages, from tuner cars to hot rods. The Sport COMP-2 lineup features BF Goodrich’s highest performing street tires, with proven performance over the competitors. The T/A KDW offers high performance at a higher cost, but adds all-season driving.

Radial Long Trail T/ASUV & Crossover Tires

(Radial) Long Trail T/A – The Long Trail T/A and Radial Long Trail T/A models from BF Goodrich feature enhanced ride comfort and tread-life thanks to the unique rubber compound. Both variants feature all-season handling and sport inspired performance. The Radial variant offers enhanced off-road traction at the expense of fuel efficiency, tread-life and ride comfort and quality.

All-Terrain T/A KO2Light Truck & Commercial Vehicle Tires

All-Terrain/Rugged Terrain/Mud-Terrain/Krawler – BF Goodrich’s Off-road tire lineup can regularly be seen at the tops of industry professionals “best of off-roading” lists. These tires all feature incredible off-road performance, from snow and ice, to mud and dirt, to rocks and sand. The trade off with this incredible off-road performance is increased road noise, a lower tread-life, and a hit to fuel efficiency.

Winter SlalomWinter Tires

Winter Slalom/Commercial & All-Terrain T/A – The Commercial T/A and the All-Terrain T/A feature advanced treads for Trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and commercial vehicles. These tires offer increased traction on snow and ice, while retaining a long tread life and a comfortable ride. The Winter Slalom lineup is BF Goodrich’s premier winter tire for passenger vehicle use, and offers the very best in snow and ice traction.

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From humble beginnings to off-road domination, BF Goodrich has just the tires you need to exceed. Get to you local Gary’s Automotive today for a quality set of BF Goodrich tires.




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