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Tires OttawaAt Gary’s Automotive Ottawa, we offer a variety of professional services to help you with your tire needs.  Our tire services include:

  • tire installation
  • tire changes
  • tire alignment
  • tire rotation
  • tire repair
  • tire pressure checks
  • and more!

Gary’s Automotive Ottawa Tires

We strive to provide our customers with the best service possible which includes giving you access to the tire brands you know and trust. We offer a wide selection of summer and winter tires including the following brands:

When Do I Need New Tires or Repairs?

Are you unsure if you need new tires for your vehicle? Here at Gary’s Automotive, our local experts on tires can help you choose which top quality tires and parts to invest in with the relief of knowing they are built to last. Look for the following symptoms for an indication that you’re in need of new tires or repair:

  • Cracks and cuts in the sidewalls
  • Uneven tread wear
  • A tire tread depth of 2/32” to 5/32”
    • Excessive vibration while driving
    • Bulges or blisters
    • Loss of tracking while driving in normal conditions


Tires Ottawa  When looking at your tires one of the first things to check is how inflated they are. Proper inflation is essential for normal wear on your tires. If your tires are under-inflated, the sidewall will sag causing excessive wear on the outside areas of the tread.Under-inflation also results in excessive heat, which accelerates wear and may cause a tire blow out. Tires that are over-inflated will show uneven wear down the middle, with the outside edges remaining in good condition. This will accelerate tire wear and decrease your tire’s life.

Another factor to consider is wheel alignment. Poor wheel alignment can cause unusual and excessive tire wear. Tires that are heavily worn on one side or the other are riding at an angle as opposed to flat on the ground. A side effect of this condition is decreased traction due to reduced rubber on the road.

 The Basics of Tires

The rubber tire is older than the car itself, with early models being designed to increase comfort on bicycles. Once it became apparent that the pneumatic tire was incredibly beneficial for driving on roads, it was quickly adapted for vehicles. The first vehicle tires started appearing at the end of the 19th century, with a basic design of rubber and air. Adding cords to the insides of tires increased a tires handling performance, a process that was further improved by adding radial steel belts in various plies under the rubber.

Early tires were white in colour. The Goodyear Company eventually discovered that adding carbon black to tires made them more durable and increased their grip, while turning them from white to the black we know today. The colour variations of tires have changed a lot over the years, from white tires, white walls, illuminated tires, and coloured smoke tires.

Today, tires are made for a wide range of applications. From setting the fastest lap, conquering ice, or reducing rolling resistance to boost fuel economy, there’s a specialized tire out there for any application.


Gary’s Automotive is your source for low-cost, reliable tire services in Ottawa!

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