Your cars suspension does more than just smooth out bumps. A vehicles suspension is responsible for keeping it securely on the road, and to enhance its cornering ability. Without a functioning suspension system, Your car would have uneven contact with the road, and cornering would be much more dangerous. Suspension repair isn’t an issue that should be overlooked.

Car Steering and Suspension UnitSuspension Repair  – The Basics

There are a few components that go in to a vehicles suspension system. Each part can be subject to conditions that lead to failure. A typical suspension system is made up of:

Springs: Many people think of large springs when they think of suspension. Coil or leaf springs do play a key role in your vehicles suspension, as they absorb the majority of bumps and movement that comes from the wheels. Coil springs resemble the typical spring design, while leaf springs consist of large strips of metal, stacked together to create a bow shape. Springs can crack or break as they age, normally as a result of defective struts. A broken spring will likely be preceded by a very loud sound and plenty of bumping around.

Shock Absorber: Part of the damper system (when mounted inside a spring, the combined parts are known as a strut) shock absorbers control the rate in which a coil spring releases its stored energy. With out these dampers, a coiled spring would decompress as fast as it compressed, which would create a very bumpy ride. You can feel degrading shock absorbers when you drive over bumps.

Anti-Sway Bars: Anti-sway bars are used to evenly distribute vehicle weight while cornering. When one side’s suspension is compressed, the other sides suspension is moved, keeping the vehicle level and preventing roll-over.

When Is It Time For Service?

Your suspension wont hesitate to tell you when it’s in need of repairs. A bumpy ride is a good indicator of suspension issues. Another issue you may notice is your vehicle swerving after hitting a bump. This can be attributed to faulty struts.

These are the major systems that are reviewed under our quality suspension repair services. Other factors can go into a bumpy ride, such as worn out tires or other damaged areas. The experts at Gary’s are committed to ensuring a smooth ride for your car.

The experts at Gary’s Automotive inspect every aspect of your vehicles suspension system and perform quality suspension repair on all components. At Gary’s, we work hard to save you more on quality repairs!

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