A smooth suspension is something everyone appreciates in a vehicle. Your suspension is also a critical component in performance, handling, and safety. Damaged vehicle suspension can lead to poor handling or loss of control. It is suggested to have your vehicles suspension checked every 20,000KM.

suspension checkSuspension Check – The Basics

A functional suspension is crucial for a number of reasons. Suspension systems are responsible for a good amount of a vehicles handling by determining how much contact the wheels have with the road. Suspension is also used for a smooth ride over bumps or holes in the road, protecting both passengers and the vehicle itself from damages. For suspension, most modern vehicle feature whats known as a MacPherson strut. This involves a coil spring around a damper attached to a strut mount on one end and a control end on the other. This design is whats known as an independent suspension, in that all 4 wheels are free to move up and down separately. While coil springs and other solid parts in your suspension won’t fail very often, it is possible for dampers to wear out with regular road use. Faulty suspension can lead to a number of issues that are about more than just a loss of handling, such as causing uneven tire wear, which reduces efficiency. This can also lead to other vehicle components being damaged when driving over bumps.

Suspension Check – When Is It Time?

If you notice a ride that is bumpier or noisier than normal, it may be time for a suspension check. When a Damper fails, it can feel like part of your car is swerving to one side when going over a bump. With expert service, you can keep you and your loved ones safe when driving in less than ideal conditions. Book your quality suspension check with Gary’s Automotive today!


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