You count on your car for a smooth, even ride. You drive knowing that your suspension and tires can keep your ride quiet and free of any jarring bumps. You go out for a drive and hear a loud bang, and suddenly your smooth and quiet ride feels incredibly rough, and every tiny bump is loud. If this has happened to you, you may need a strut mount replacement.

strut mount replacementStrut Mount Replacement – The Basics

What exactly are strut mounts? Your vehicles shocks and struts are responsible for keeping your ride smooth. They use a combination of springs and gas charged pistons to absorb bumps on the road. Strut mounts are where your vehicles struts and suspension system connect to its chassis. While there’s no denying the importance of shocks and struts, without quality strut mounts the entire system would be useless.

Strut mounts are normally a metal plate that are secured with 3 bolts. A strut mount gives your suspension somewhere to attach to. When a strut mount fails, your suspension will no longer have anything to attach to, and will go right through the chassis of your car. Depending on which strut mount fails, it may create an open hole into your engine bay or even right in to the interior of your vehicle’s cabin.

When Is It Time For Service?

A busted strut mount isn’t something that will prevent you from driving, but it is something that can lead to serious damage. A fully disconnected strut mount will be incredibly loud when going over bumps. A faulty strut mount will also provide little cushion when going over bumps. Not replacing a damaged strut mount can result in permanent damage to your vehicles chassis or suspension system.

If you’re in need of quality strut mount replacement, then book an appointment with the experts at your local Gary’s Automotive today!


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