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Steering Repair starting at $49.95 | Your steering systems are crucial for the safe control and handling of your car. A lot of different aspects go in to the control and feel of your steering system. At Gary’s Automotive, our steering specialists will ensure your suspension, tires, engine, vehicle chassis and entire steering system. When you trust the experts at Gary’s Automotive for quality steering repair, you can drive with the peace of mind that comes from quality service. We now offer FREE visual chassis inspections with no purchase necessary. That’s a value of $54.99! Our free inspection is brought to you in part by our commitment to offering our customers exceptional service and repairs at affordable prices. Call and book your appointment today!

Steering Repair – The Basics

steering repairHow does turning a wheel inside your car turn wheels outside your car? Depending on the type of vehicle you have, steering systems can vary. Some systems offer basic gearboxes with assisted pumps (power rack and pinion), while some more advanced systems feature computer controlled and monitored systems (steer by wire).

The basics of steering repair come down to servicing the rack and pinion system. This has a steering column connected to the steering wheel. At the other end, a gear attached to the column is connected to a gear in the steering gearbox. When the wheel is turned, the corresponding gear in the steering gearbox is turned as well, which turns the wheels. Given how much vehicles have increased in both weight and speed, mechanical assistance had to be introduced to steering. Using hydraulic or electric motors, power steering has become the standard for modern steering in vehicles. In these systems, an extra motor is used to amplify the force coming from the wheel, making it easier to steer at higher speeds.

Steering Repair – When Is It Time?

Any issue with your vehicles steering systems can make itself apparent fairly quickly. When a power steering system fails, the vehicle will become incredibly difficult to steer. Power steering failure can come from a leak in power steering fluid, which is noted in a grinding sound when you turn a corner. Power steering and general steering services are easily fixed when you book service at your local Gary’s Automotive!


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