Shocks and Struts Repair

Ottawa Struts and Shocks Repair starting at $89.95 |  For the best service in shocks and struts repair, trust the suspension specialists at Gary’s Automotive. A bumpy ride is a clear indicator that you may require shocks and struts repair. We now offer FREE visual suspension inspections with no purchase necessary. That’s a value of $54.95! Our free inspection is brought to you in part by our commitment to offering our customers exceptional service and repairs at affordable prices. With over 35 years of service excellence, you can trust our team to provide you with the best repair service in Ottawa. Book your appointment today!


Shocks and Struts RepairShocks and Struts Repair – The Basics

Your shocks and struts form your vehicles suspension systems. The coil springs and struts that go into this system ensure your wheels maintain constant contact with the road. Your shocks and struts are a safety component in your vehicle, and repairs to them should be done promptly to avoid any damages.

Many people confuse the terms shocks, shock absorbers, and struts when talking about suspension. Struts refer to a coil spring that wraps around a shock absorber. These two parts work together in harmony to provide both a smooth ride and performance to your vehicle. The central shock absorbers job is control the rate of a coiled springs bounce. Typically, these components are filled with nitrogen gas for a longer service life.A spring that went over a bump would continue to bounce as you drove, making for a very bumpy ride. When you hit a bump, the coil spring is compressed. As you drive the spring is decompressed, pushing the car back up. A shock absorber limits the speed the spring can compress or decompress, making the ride a lot smoother. Vehicle performance can be determined by the stiffness of it’s suspension. A soft suspension will lead to a smoother ride but less responsiveness on the road, where a stiffer suspension means a bumpier ride with better responsiveness.

Shocks and Struts Repair – When Is It Time?

A bumpy ride is a clear indicator that you may require shocks and struts repair. A number of handling issues, such as poor steering response, a loss of stability when braking, vehicle swerve, or uneven tire wear can also be indicators that it’s time for shocks and struts repair. If you suspect you are in need of quality repairs, then book your service today with the experts at your local Gary’s Automotive!


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