In the early days of vehicles, steering and navigating twisting roads was an art form. With the advent of power steering, anyone is able to control their vehicle with confidence. Many people on the roads today are unfamiliar with how driving without power steering feels. Modern, front wheel drive vehicles are more difficult to drive without power steering than traditional rear-wheel drive vehicles.

power steering repairPower Steering Repair – The Basics

Power steering is a modern luxury that doesn’t cross peoples minds until it fails. A vehicles power steering system works by adding hydraulic pressure to the steering system, making the wheels much easier to turn. In your engine bay, you have reservoirs for power steering fluid. When you turn your wheel in a given direction, corresponding valves open and release their power steering fluid, creating the hydraulic pressure needed to turn your vehicle.

We use power steering more and more often due to the amount of weight that goes into our front wheels. As speeds, vehicle weights, and tire sizes increased it became very difficult to steer without powered assist. Front wheel drive becoming the norm was the final step towards making power steering a fairly standard option.

Power Steering Repair – When Is It Time?

Determining your need for power steering repair can be fairly simple. The biggest indicator of power steering failure is of course difficult in steering. You may also notice this difficultly slowly increasing over time. This may be caused by a leak in power steering fluid. Another symptom of leaking power steering fluid are squeaking or other sounds when turning the wheel. Making sure you have an adequate amount of power steering fluid is essential for maintaining a functional power steering system. If you find yourself in need of quality power steering repair, don’t hesitate to book with the experts at your local Gary’s Automotive!


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