Your vehicles tie rods and ball joints are parts that not many people know a lot about. They work away quietly, providing steering and driving performance that would be impossible without them. When it comes time for ball joint and tie rod repair, count on the experts at Gary’s Automotive!

Ball Joint And Tie Rod Repair – The Basics

ball joint and tie rod repairThese two parts, ball joints and tie rods, are grouped together because they perform their tasks in the same area. Both are responsible for linking wheels to the parts that control them. Without ball joints, your car wouldn’t drive nearly as smoothly. Without tie rods, your car wouldn’t have the steering control it needs. A tie rod is also essential for keeping your wheels in sync, so they don’t end up steering in different directions. The most essential function of the tie rod is to unite your vehicles wheels to its steering systems. When the steering wheel is turned, it turns gears in the steering gearbox. The gearbox then turns the attached tie rod, which turns the wheel.

The ball joint allows your vehicle to go over bumps and deviations in the road without the wheel snapping off. Without the movement allowed by the ball joint, bumps could completely destroy a vehicles wheel systems.

Ball Joint And Tie Rod Repair – When Is It Time?

A shaky steering wheel or other vehicle vibrations can be the early signs of a failing ball joint or tie rod. This is because the steering wheel is starting to lose control of the wheels. A ball joint may be failing if you notice a banging or thumping sound when driving. The sound will typically be coming from one of the wheels. If you notice any of these issues, book quality ball joint and tie rod repair from the experts at Gary’s Automotive!


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