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The Basics Of Suspension And Steering Systemssuspension and steering ottawa

The idea of suspension dates back thousands of years, to the times of chariot racing. Early suspension systems were crude, so much so that chariot races were more lethal than gladiator matches. The first example of a suspension made for softening the ride of a vehicle came from placing baskets full of straw between the wheels and the frame of carriages made for kings. This system was a little too soft, and created the sensation of sea sickness with the carriage swaying back and forth. As time went on suspension evolved and a better balance between soft and firm was struck. Today, luxury vehicles will often spring for a softer suspension as a way to enhance the ride comfort in a vehicle. A softer suspension will translate less road bumps felt by the driver and passengers of the vehicle. Performance vehicles will often opt for a firmer suspension, as this allows for better wheel contact with the road, and better dynamics in handling corners at high speeds. When shopping for vehicles, you’ll notice the “sport” model of a vehicle will have a stiffer feeling ride, but will feel tighter when going around corners.

Today, suspension is composed of a few parts. Most people imagine springs that connect your wheels to the car. For your suspension, the main two parts are the shocks or struts, and the coil springs. The shocks and struts are what go inside the coil springs and serve as a way to prevent the springs from turning into catapults when put under a load.

Since the earliest cars, we’ve been using steering wheels to point us in the direction we want to go. The first steering wheels began appearing in 1898 in early vehicles developed  by a company called Panhard, who is now owned by the military production division of Renault. Early steering systems were crude, and didn’t feature nearly the same levels of comfort that we have today. In the early 1970’s Ford and GM starting including airbags in their vehicles, making the steering wheel practical for safety as well as vehicle control. Since then, steering wheels have evolved to include numerous vehicle controls, something that can be seen on modern F1 cars. Some new concept vehicles have been shown without  a wheel at all, instead opting for twin levers for turning. With the advent of self driving cars, we may yet see a day when the steering wheel doesn’t exist at all.

Your steering system is now more complicated than ever, with controls for everything running through the steering column. However, the main repairs to steering systems you’ll experience is a simple alignment from time to time.

When Is It Time For Service?

When the suspension fails in your car, you will certainly feel it. Given that the major role of suspension is to control ride comfort, an uncomfortable ride is a sign of faulty suspension. It is suggested that any repair work done to a vehicles suspension is mirrored on both sides of the car, as if one part has failed it will only be a matter of time before another part does as well. A sign that shocks and struts are failing can be a feeling of swerving when going over bumps, as the suspension is having trouble returning to it’s proper form.

Steering problems can also be fairly easy to diagnose, as driving will seem much more difficult if you were to lose your vehicles power steering. Any other issues with your steering can be noticed through sounds or sensations felt through the wheel. Things like wheel alignment and balancing can present themselves as steering problems, but can actually be fixed with service to the wheels themselves.

If you’re in need of suspension and steering repair, get to Gary’s Automotive and save!

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