In these modern times taking a moment to rest can be hard to come by. Life doesn’t stop simply because your vehicle has, and the experts at Gary’s Automotive know this. That’s why we offer solutions to make sure that, no matter your situation, you’re ready to face whatever life may throw at you. Count on us to always put you first!

Rental Car Services

Gary’s gladly offers rental car services to all our customers. With our 38 years of experience, we take pride in offering a wide variety of high quality repair services for your vehicle. We know that when our customers are in need of repairs, they don’t want to be kept waiting – they want to get up and go! With you in mind, Gary’s Automotive has partnered with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. This way, you can conveniently continue on your way while your vehicle is being repaired by our expert mechanics.

Rental Car Services – Affordable Convenience

For a low rate of $39 a day, Enterprise and Gary’s offers you the freedom of rental car services to go about your day and ensure that your schedules, routines, or work are not interfered with. Enterprise’s clean and comfortable vehicles will get you to where you need to go until your own car is back in tip-top shape, thanks to our trusted technicians. never miss an important even in your life when you trust your service and rental car services to Gary’s Automotive! At Gary’s Automotive, we make your service visits convenient, affordable, and easy.


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