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The Automotive Mirror

Car Mirror ReplacementThe first occurrences of automotive mirrors stretches back over 100 years, when early guides to motoring for women suggested that ladies should keep a mirror nearby when driving to see behind them. This was in 1906, and the modern rear view mirror would start to appear on cars until 1911, where it was used in the first ever Indianapolis 500 race. At the time, the rear view mirror was seen as useless, as early suspension systems caused the mirror to vibrate a rattle on older roads.

Side view mirrors followed shortly after, but not in the way we know them now. Until 1960, a passenger side mirror (also known as a wing mirror) wasn’t common on vehicles, and was seen as a luxury. After 1960, the cost of adding the passenger mirror went down, and more cars were fitted with them. Today, cars feature mirrors on both sides and a rear view mirror, with many cars providing a blind spot mirror built into the side mirrors.

Using Your Mirrors

The mirror is probably the most straightforward piece of automotive equipment, in that it’s operation is fairly fool proof. However, there has been plenty of misinformation about how to adjust your vehicles mirrors. Many people assume that seeing the sides of their car from the drivers seat is the appropriate position for your side mirrors, and that you will then need to turn your head to check your blind spots.

When sitting in the drivers position of your vehicle, lean your body until your head touches the side window. Once here, adjust your mirror outwards until you can just see the rear tip of your vehicle. Now lean your body towards your front passenger seat, trying to keep your head at the same height as you would drive at. Stop in the middle of your two front seats, and adjust your passenger mirror until you can just see the rear tip of your vehicle. Return back to a neutral position in your drivers seat and adjust the rear view mirror so you get an even, full view of your back window. Now when driving you should notice vehicles will first appear in your rear view mirror, then transition to your passenger or drivers side mirror, then into your peripherals as they pass you. While we still recommend checking your blind spots before changing lanes, this simple advice will help you get the most out of your mirrors.

When Is It Time For Service?

Mirrors today can be powered, heated, and include turn signals. These are electronic systems and are unlikely to fail. The most common issues you’ll likely experience with your vehicle is a cracked or broken side mirror. While losing a passenger mirror isn’t the most immediate of emergencies (if you drive on mostly two lane roads) losing any mirror can severely limit your ability to assess your surroundings when driving on the road.


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