Your car heating system is a fairly simple set up. As Canadians, we might be most thankful for this system throughout our long winters. Symptoms of faulty car heating are fairly obvious, if you’re cold then you have a problem. Likewise, if you’re too hot then there’s also an issue. You can count on the experts at your local Gary’s Automotive to keep you warm when the temperatures start to drop.

Car Heating RepairCar Heating – The Basics

Your car naturally produces quite a bit of heat. While the pure amount (roughly  100°C) of heat given off by your vehicles engine would be too much to remain comfortable if pumped directly into the cabin, some of it can be used to keep you warm. Coolant from your vehicles engine is circulated from the coolant reservoir to the heater core, normally located behind your centre console (just behind your dashboard). The coolant, being hot from the engine, transfers that heat up to the heater core. Air is then moved over the heater core and into the cabin, where it passes through your vehicles vents as hot air. This temperature can be controlled by mixing how much air passes over the heater core vs the cooling system. In some older model cars, the vehicles cooling was done with air instead of liquid. This means the vehicle would not have a heater core (or any fluids to leak). In order to heat a vehicle that is air cooled, air is passed over the vehicles exhaust manifold. Air cooled vehicles should be inspected more often, as a leaking exhaust manifold would be pumping unfiltered emissions directly into the vehicle’s cabin.

If you have damage in your heater core, then the repairs are an intensive process. Normally, sections of the centre console, steering wheel, radio, and air bags would need to be removed in order to gain access to the core. Fortunately, the experts at your local Gary’s Automotive can handle any car heating job, so don’t hesitate to book you service today!

When Is It Time For Service?

If you’re cold when you should be warm, or too warm when you should be cold, then it’s likely time for repairs to your heating system. Unlike the AC system, there is no dangerous gasses involved with your car heating system, unless you have an exhaust leak and an air cooled engine. Topping up your car heating system is as easy as checking the coolant levels under your hood. A quick way to check your heat system is to swtich from cold air to hot. If you feel only a slight amount of heat with the fan turned up then there’s likely a problem with your vehicles heating fan. Lots of air but no heat means there could be a problem with the heater core. Of course, the experts at your local Gary’s Automotive can handle any issues with your car heating systems.

Getting the very best in performance for your car is easy when you shop at Gary’s Automotive. Our expert mechanics work hard to ensure that your car heating system keeps you warm no matter the season.

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