The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the open road stretches out before you, but all you can notice are the beads of sweat dripping from seemingly every inch of your skin. A car’s AC system has become a fairly standard option, and most people couldn’t imagine life without it. Staying cool in the summer makes every trip, from errands to vacations, more enjoyable. When you’re in need of car AC repair, make sure you book with the service experts at Gary’s!

Car AC RepairHow Your Car Air Conditioning Works

It’s pretty obvious what your car AC does, but how it does it is a different story. A car AC works by using refrigerant gasses to cool the air entering your vehicles cabin. The gas, known as R-134a, moves through 3 parts: a compressor, a condenser, and  an evaporator. The gas enters the compressor and then goes to an area of low pressure, where it can expand. This expansion absorbs heat, and creates a cooling effect. The gas is then pushed back to an area of high pressure, where it lets off the heat it absorbed. This cycle is repeated over and over cooling the air in your car.

Car AC Repair – When Is It Time?

Are you hot? Is your car set to make cold air but only warm air is coming our of your vents? Then it may be time for some quality car AC repairs from Gary’s. One option for quality car AC repair is a system recharge. Over time, the refrigerant gasses in your car get used up through normal AC use. Before new refrigerant can be put in, the old gas must be removed. This is known as a system evac and recharge.

While car AC systems no longer use environmentally damaging Freon gas, leaking refrigerant gasses can still cause toxic side effects and dangers to wildlife and humans. This is why experts will not only recharge your car AC system, but also inspect or replace any faulty connections or hoses.

You can count on the experts at Gary’s Automotive for quality car AC repair!


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