At night, no other vehicle component is quite as important as your headlights. These devices, with a long history of functionality, are what allows you to drive safely after the sun has gone down. Headlight lenses can be prone to hazing, and that can severely limit the amount of light being shone on the road. If your nights are darker than normal, it’s likely time for headlight restoration.

headlight restorationHeadlight Restoration – The Basics

Before headlights switched to plastic lenses, the issue of hazing was almost non-existent. Plastic lenses have the advantage of being cheaper, more durable, and the ability to be made into various different shapes and designs. The downside to plastic is that while being more durable than glass, it doesn’t offer the same resistance to UV rays from the sun that glass does. Over time, UV rays weaken the plastic of the headlight lens, causing it to become hazy and discolored. This has a very noticeable effect on how much light is shone on the road. While replacing the entire headlight assembly is an option, there is a much easier (and less expensive) method.

Given that headlight lenses are plastic, they are able to be sanded and polished. headlight restoration consists of using different grits of polishing compounds to renew the surface of the headlight lens. This resurfacing clears up the headlight, allowing more light to get through and onto the road.

When Is It Time For Service?

Determining the need for headlight restoration is fairly simple. Headlight restoration will not repair any cracked or broken headlights, but it will restore discolored or hazy lights to their previous shine. When you look at your headlights, do they appear clear or are they slightly discolored and hazy?

If your headlights appear to be suffering from discoloration or haziness, then it’s time to book some headlight restoration from Gary’s Automotive!


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