There’s no mystery when it comes to the function of your gas (gas, fuel, or petrol are all terms that refer to the liquid that is burned to power your car) tank. This straightforward piece of equipment is responsible for storing all the fuel in your vehicle, something that is almost as crucial as the engine itself. A leaky gas tank is an expensive gas tank, so be sure to book gas tank repair from Gary’s Automotive if you suspect you have a leak.

gas tank repairHow Does A Gasoline Tank Function

A gas tank has one of the most basic functions in the vehicle. It holds all the fuel for driving and contains sensors to let you know how much is remaining. Traditionally, gas tanks were made of either steel or aluminum. In more modern vehicles, plastic high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are used as they offer savings in weight, allow for a wider variety of shapes, and offer the same level of fuel emissions as the metal tanks. The downside to HDPE tanks is that they might not have the same structural integrity as a metal tank, something that has been rapidly improved. The current trend in vehicles is leaning toward the abandonment of the fuel tank, in favor of batteries.

When Is It Time For Gas Tank Repairs?

Obvious symptoms of gas tank failure include a rapid loss of fuel or a noticeable leak where you park your car. Many modern vehicles now have the fuel pump and filter built right in to the gas tank, which is another area you may need service. while you can’t see any issues with a fuel pump or filter, you can feel them. A loss of performance, such as sputtering at high speeds, or a loss or sudden gain in acceleration can be the result of a bad fuel pump.

If you’re noticing leaks, or experiencing difficulty with performance, it’s time to book gas tank repair with Gary’s Automotive!


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