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Oxygen Sensor Repair starting at $29.95 | Small parts can have a big impact on your vehicle. An oxygen sensor measures how much oxygen is in the engine’s exhaust, and without it, your engine would not run properly. The technicians at Gary’s Automotive are well-versed in issues relating to oxygen sensors and exhaust systems. We offer nothing but excellent service and top quality replacements. We now offer FREE visual drivability inspections which include spark plugs, tune up parts, sensors (oxygen, map & crankshaft) fuel pump modules and engine light diagnostics. That’s a value of $54.95! Our free inspection is brought to you in part by our commitment to offering our customers exceptional service and repairs at affordable prices. Call and book your appointment today!

Oxygen sensor repairOxygen Sensor Service – The Basics

An oxygen sensor is part of the exhaust system. They work by measuring the amount of oxygen in your exhaust vs the amount of oxygen in the air. Knowing the amount of oxygen in your exhaust is important because it lets the engine know whether or not it needs to burn more or less fuel to remain efficient. Your car operates on an air-fuel ratio, meaning the amount of fuel injected into each cylinder has a specific ratio to the amount of air injected into a cylinder (the perfect ratio is 14.7:1, meaning there is 14.7 parts air for every 1 part fuel). If the oxygen sensor detects a lean mixture, there is not enough gasoline in the combustion cycle. This can lead poor vehicle performance and engine damage due to increased heat in the combustion cycle. A rich fuel mixtures means there is too much gasoline in the combustion cycle. This can lead to a decrease in fuel efficiency, but a slightly richer fuel ratio is normally used in engines that feature a turbo charger.

When Is It Time For Repairs?

Knowing when to book expert oxygen sensor repair requires getting a good feel for your vehicle. If you’ve noticed a sudden drop in fuel efficiency, it may be the oxygen sensor delivering too much gas to the engine. A pinging sound coming from the engine could mean that the oxygen sensor is faulty, causing the ignition systems to go off at the wrong times. This is potentially fatal to your engine, and should be addressed right away. If you notice you have a rough engine idle, then the oxygen sensor may also be to blame. Booking quality repairs from your local Gary’s Automotive can get you back on the road fast!

Save on fuel and increase your engine performance with oxygen sensor repair from Gary’s Automotive!

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