Unlike other components in your vehicle, a muffler doesn’t have such a strong affect on your overall performance. That’s not to say it doesn’t affect performance though, as a functional muffler can help your vehicle squeeze in a few extra horsepower. The general purpose of a muffler is reduce the engine noise coming from your exhaust system. This is done by creating sound frequencies that cancel each other out.

muffler repairHow A Muffler Works

Simply put, your muffler is a set of contained metal tubes that dampen the roar of your engine. Sound travels through the exhaust and to the muffler, where it bounces around (or “resonates”). While bouncing around, frequencies are created that cancel out the sounds of the engine, and when sound leaves the muffler it’s much quieter than it was coming in. The easiest way to spot some needed muffler repair is to listen to your car. If it’s much louder than normal, it may be time.

When Is It Time For Muffler Repair?

A muffler may seem unnecessary then, if it’s simply for noise reduction. The problem is an engine is really quite loud. So loud in fact, that driving without a muffler is a ticket-able offence in most provinces. Ontario specifically states in subsection 75 (1) of the Highway Traffic Act that:

(1)  No person shall operate a motor vehicle or motor assisted bicycle unless it is equipped with a muffler that is,

  (a)  operating;

  (b)  in good working order; and

   (c)  sufficient to prevent excessive or unusual sound and excessive or unusual smoke.

So if you notice any of these issues (excessive sound or unusual smoke) then it’s likely time to book your muffler repair service.

There has been some debate over if muffler repair is really worth it, since mufflers can cause back pressure that reduced fuel economy. The truth is your engine is tuned to run on a slight amount of back pressure, and removing this can lead to further damage. The professionals at your local Gary’s Automotive excel in quality muffler repair. Our licensed experts can handle any systems, from stock sedans to performance set ups.

Drive with confidence when you get Muffler Repair service from Ottawa’s muffler experts!


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