There may come a time when you notice your vehicle is louder than it should be. Loud sounds or peculiar odours coming from the back of your vehicle can be a sign of exhaust or muffler issues. When you need quality muffler installation, book with the service experts at your local Gary’s Automotive.

Muffler InstallationMuffler Installation – The Basics

Your vehicles exhaust system begins at the engine bay and continues under your car and out the tail pipe. Exhaust manifolds combine exhaust from every cylinder into one pipe, and remove them from the engine bay. After that, the gasses travel through the catalytic converter, which filters out all the toxic elements and helps to reduce some of the sound. After the gasses are cleaned, they travel on through the muffler. On some vehicles, a resonator may come before the muffler to further reduce the noise from the engine. The muffler’s main job is to reduce the volume of sounds coming from your car. It can be surprising to some just how loud their engine really is.  The expert technicians at Gary’s Automotive service your vehicle every step of the way, from manifold to muffler and everything in between.

When you suspect your vehicle is in need of a quality muffler replacement, get to Gary’s. Our trained mechanics are experts in muffler installation.

When Is It Time For Service?

Your muffler won’t hesitate to tell you when it needs to be replaced. A loud or smelly engine can usually be traced back to either the muffler or some other point in the exhaust system. You may also notice a drop in performance, as a clogged or otherwise damaged muffler can create back pressure, something that affects an engines overall horsepower. When You book service with Gary’s, you can drive with confidence knowing your vehicle has been serviced and repaired by the very best.

Book your muffler installation with Gary’s Automotive today and save!


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