Exhaust Manifolds, catalytic converters, and mufflers would all be useless if there wasn’t a way for exhaust gasses to move freely between them. An exhaust pipe isn’t just a metal tube that sticks out the back of your car. The term “exhaust pipe” applies to all the tubing in your vehicles exhaust system, from the combustion cylinder to the end of the tailpipe.

Exhaust Pipe Repair – The Basicsexhaust pipe repair

Exhaust gasses are very, very hot. Exhaust pipes are normally made of regular, aluminized, or stainless steel. Aluminized and stainless steel offer the best resistance to corrosion, but are more expensive than regular steel. Some people choose to have their exhausts ceramic coated, the theory being that insulating the piping makes for faster removal of gasses, which leads to increased performance. Currently, the performance gains from ceramic coating is a debatable issue among automotive enthusiasts.

With all the driving that is done in a day, and especially with the salt covered roads in winter, it’s common for metallic exhaust components to rust or become otherwise damaged. When this happens your vehicles performance, gas mileage, and safety can all be affected. Your exhaust pipe also houses your oxygen sensors, which relays valuable air mixture information to your fuel injection systems. When these become damaged, your engine may end up consuming too much gas, costing you more per trip.  Exhaust pipe repair from Gary’s Automotive ensures your vehicle remains working properly and safely.

Is It Time For Service?

An exhaust system is a difficult system to diagnose. When your engine gets louder, fuel economy drops, or performance seems to dwindle, you can start by looking at your exhaust systems. No component of the exhaust system is corrosion or damage proof, so any part is able to fail. Exhaust pipe repair is essential for allowing gasses that are incredibly hot and toxic to become cooler, quieter and safe to breathe.

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