Your exhaust manifold is the first place the hot and dangerous gasses go when leaving your vehicle’s engine. The exact shape and construction of the exhaust manifold can play a crucial role in vehicle performance. Keeping a healthy exhaust system is crucial for engine life and performance.

Exhaust Manifold Repair – The Basics

exhaust manifold repairAn exhaust manifold attaches directly to the cylinder heads in your engine, and act as the tubing that moves them from the cylinders, through other systems, and out the tailpipe. Each cylinder has its own connecting tubing, with all tubes eventually coming together into a single pipe that leads to the catalytic converter. Think of an exhaust manifold as a funnel of sorts, where gas from the 3 to 16 cylinders funnel into one pipe. An exhaust manifold is normally made of stainless/regular steel tubing or cast iron. For more performance based engines, an exhaust manifold can be coated in a ceramic paint. This is done either on the inside, outside or on both sides of the exhaust manifold. The purpose of using a ceramic coating is to insulate and provide better high heat performance for the manifold, since this area is exposed to some of the highest levels of heat in the engine.

Is It Time For Service?

Exhaust manifolds can crack or break over time. When this happens, both the heat and toxicity of the exhaust become an issue. In your engine there are a number of plastic or rubber parts. Heated exhaust leaking from the exhaust manifold can potentially damage or melt these components. If there is a loud noise coming from your engine while it is running (louder than usual) then the exhaust manifold could be a potential culprit. If you also notice a drop in engine performance, the exhaust manifold (among other things) could be to blame. Your check engine light will also alert you to a need for exhaust manifold repair, as will any exhaust like smells coming from the engine.

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