Your exhaust system is crucial for engine performance. When an exhaust system is functioning properly, it efficiently removes spent engine gasses and allows for a cleaner, quieter ride. Promptly dealing with any exhaust leaks is essential for both vehicle performance and safety.

exhaust leak repairExhaust Leak Repair – The Basics

In essence, an exhaust system is nothing more than some pipes and filters. However, these pipes and filters deal with some of the harshest conditions in your engine. Spent gasses from your engine leave the combustion chamber and head into the exhaust manifold. This section brings together gasses from different cylinders and funnels them into one pipe. After leaving the manifold, the exhaust gasses travel down through the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter converts the harmful exhaust emissions through chemical reactions into cleaner, safer emissions while absorbing some sound. After the catalytic converter, the gasses pass through the muffler (on some vehicles, a resonator is in the exhaust system before a muffler, to further reduce the sound), where the loud sound of engine exhaust is absorbed and dampened. After the muffler, the exhaust then exits the vehicle via the tail pipe. There is potential for rust or corrosion to take place at any point in this process, so finding the exact location of the leak can be difficult. A common method used is blowing fog or smoke through the system and watching for the leak. This is done with the engine off and can offer quick assessment of the damage.

When Is It Time For Service?

Depending on where your exhaust leak is, your engine will create different sounds. A leak near the manifold area can result in a ticking sound coming form the engine bay. This area is important to keep from leaks as the high heat from engine exhaust can damage other engine components. Leaks further down the system will have a rumbling sound. If you experience any of these sounds in your exhaust system, then it’s time to book expert exhaust leak repair from Gary’s Automotive!

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