Many people are unaware of the importance of the exhaust flange. Due to the high heat and curvature of exhaust systems, simply welding two pipes together could create weak spots in the exhaust pipe systems. The exhaust flange provides a tight, secure seal between two components in the exhaust system, and also allows for somewhere solid to mount the exhaust pipes to the vehicle frame.

Exhaust flange repair guideExhaust Flange Repair – The Basics

Given that the exhaust flange connects points in a system that are subjected to extreme temperatures, eventually something may wear out. The exhaust system is something that you don’t want to have leaks in, so making sure the fragile connections in it are secure is important. Completing exhaust flange repair at home can be a difficult and tedious process, and is something that is best left to the professionals. Our expert mechanics keep your exhaust system safe and sealed, while protecting you and your loved one from harmful emissions.

Exhaust Flange Repair – When Is It Time?

An exhaust flange is more likely to fail than another component in the exhaust system such as a muffler or catalytic converter. Knowing when you need service is essential for optimal vehicle performance. There are a few telltale signs that your exhaust system has damage. Taking a look under your car, you may notice that some areas seem stained with soot or other dark spots that are different from regular road dirt. This would likely only occur between the engine and the catalytic converter. These markings can help you pinpoint the area with the exhaust leak. Visual cues aside, your vehicle would display the classic symptoms of a damaged exhaust system. A loud exhaust or an exhaust with a distinguishable smell are both signs of needed exhaust repair. Remember, no matter where in your exhaust system you are having trouble, the experts at your local Gary’s Automotive can get you back on the road with quality exhaust flange repair!


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