Exhaust & Muffler Repair

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Exhaust and Muffler repair

Gary’s Automotive is your source for all things exhaust and muffler. As soon as combustion happens in your vehicle the exhaust and muffler systems take over, removing the spent gasses in a clean, safe manner. Our expertly trained technicians ensure this process isn’t interrupted, and that from combustion to exhaust, your system is safe.

There are a number of components in your vehicles exhaust system. Given how intense of a system handling burning hot gasses from an engine is, there is plenty of opportunity for something to go wrong. Click on part names for more information regarding their function and recommended service guide.

Exhaust Manifold

exhaustmanifoldThis is the first place exhaust goes after leaving the combustion chamber. Given that your engine can have anywhere from 3 to 16 cylinders (you’ll likely have 4, 6 or 8) combining all those gases into one pipe while under extreme temperatures is no easy feat. A manifold works by collecting exhaust gasses from each cylinder (where combustion happens) in your engine, then funneling it all into one pipe. Due to the high temperatures generated in this area a leak can lead to hot gasses escaping and damaged engine components.

Catalytic Converter

Exhaust And Muffler Catalytic ConverterAfter leaving the engine, exhaust travels through pipes until it reaches the catalytic converter. This piece of exhaust equipment is important for a number of reasons. When toxic gasses from the engines exhaust pass through the catalytic converter, the unique materials inside cause a chemical reaction in the exhaust. This reaction turns the harmful gasses that would be poisonous to humans into something less toxic. It is now illegal to drive without a catalytic converter, as reducing the amount of toxic emissions we breathe in is crucial.


Exhaust And Muffler Stainless SteelThe exhaust may now be fairly clean, the sound of thousands of tiny explosions in an engine is still incredibly loud. Without the muffler, the sound of vehicles on the road would be deafening. Sound travels in waves, losing a bit of power each time it bounces off a surface. A muffler is an area where the sound from an engine bounces off multiple tiny surfaces, as well as itself, cancelling out the sounds from the engine. Not having a muffler or driving with an unnecessarily loud muffler is also a ticketable offense. In some vehicles, a resonator may come before the muffler for added sound dampening. For more information on muffler service and installation, click here.

Exhaust Pipe

exhaust and muffler pipesWhile most people consider this the tiny bit of tubing you see at the rear of your car, lengths of exhaust pipe run along the entire underside of your vehicle. Your exhaust system is in essence a long piece of tubing that runs from your engine out the back end of your car, with some filters along the way. Damages to this piping before the catalytic converter can cause a leak in toxic emissions. Leaks in this system after the catalytic converter can create or a very loud sounding drive.

Exhaust Flange

exhaust and muffler exhaust flangeAn often overlooked part of the exhaust system, the exhaust flange is a joint where two parts of the exhaust system are connected. Exhaust flanges are also useful in allowing a secure spot for the exhaust system to be connected to the underside of the vehicle. There are a number of exhaust flanges throughout the exhaust system, with connectors at the manifold, catalytic converter, muffler and tail pipes. The exact amount can vary depending on your vehicle.

Oxygen Sensor

Exhaust and muffler oxygen sensorThe oxygen sensor technically isn’t a true part of the exhaust system, but since it measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust it is important to consider it when examining your exhaust system. The ratio of fuel to air entering the combustion chamber is important, and can vary slightly with each cycle of the engine. The oxygen sensor examines the exhaust, and ensures the engine is burning the right amount of fuel or air during each cycle.

Gary’s Automotive Expert Muffler And Exhaust Repair

Gary’s Automotive also offers information and advice regarding full exhaust system repairs, or for individual exhaust leaks. No matter what your exhaust and muffler issue is, you can count on the experts at Gary’s Automotive for fast, reliable work done right. 


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