While not the most well know part on a vehicle, the water pump does serve an important purpose. Not only does it keep the engine cool, it helps to deliver heat to the cabin itself. To avoid a cold ride or a damaged engine, get your quality water pump replacements from Gary’s Automotive!

water pump replacement diagramWater Pump Replacement – The Basics

Your water pump quietly operates under your hood, and is responsible for helping to keep your engine cool. In this operation, your water pump moves coolant from the reservoir to the engine block, where it absorbs the heat of the engine. The force of the pump then moves the coolant to the radiator, where it dissipates some of its heat into the air. The coolant loses its heat as it travels through the radiator, and ultimately ends up back in the reservoir as cooled liquid, ready to be pumped through the cycle all over again. While dissipating some of its heat, fans move that heated air into your vehicles cabin, allowing for a warmer ride. An engine without coolant is a dangerous engine, as it can lead to overheating and damage.

When Is It Time For Service?

Due to the importance of this system, your vehicle has ways of letting you know it’s in danger. The temperature and low coolant lights on your dash may light up when you’re in need of water pump replacement. You may also notice leaks under your vehicle, a clear liquid is an indicator of a faulty water pump. Checking under the hood, you may notice the serpentine belt is damaged, a part that often drives the water pump. Many vehicle water pumps are designed with whats known as a “weep hole” which is a design in the water pump that allows for a leak to occur before any major damage. The weep hole is usually located on the water pump itself, so if you trace back the leaking water to the pump, know that the pump has prevented any further damage but should be replaced immediately. Low pitched (in contrast to the belts high pitched) grinding noise when your engine is idling may be a sign that bearing in your fuel pump has broken. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, book expert water pump replacement with Gary’s Automotive!

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