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Radiator Repair Ottawa

Containing thousands of tiny explosions is no easy feat, yet your vehicles engine is subjected to this every single day. Those explosions create quite a lot of heat, and managing that can be difficult. Thankfully, your vehicle has a radiator to effectively dissipate some of the heat generated by your engine. Without a radiator, your engine would quickly overheat and become inoperable. When booking radiator repair Ottawa, be sure to get professional service from Gary’s Automotive!

The first widespread us of the radiator in vehicles can be attributed to Mercedes. In 1901, Wilhelm Maybach and Paul Daimler created the Mercedes 35hp, which featured a gasoline engine cooled by a large radiator. The radiator design itself (similar to radiators of today) was patented in 1897. After the popularity and performance of the Mercedes 35hp, the radiator was adopted into more vehicles, leading to the cooling technology we have today.

Radiators work on a very simple principle of transferring heat. In an engine, coolant is pumped through your vehicle’s engine block, where it absorbs some of the heat generated during operation. That coolant is then run to a radiator. A radiator is a system composed of a series of small tubes and fins. Coolant is pumped through tiny tubes exposed to the air. More tubes mean more surface area, which will result in a better performing radiator. As the coolant passes through these tubes, the air travelling over the radiator removes heat from the coolant, which is then pumped back into the engine block.

The heater core in your vehicle (responsible for heating your cabin) runs on this same basic principle. Coolant is pumped from the engine block into the heater core. Instead of having the heat dissipated by travelling, the heater core feeds its heat into your vehicles car cabin. If either radiator system fails, it can lead to an engine overheating and could lead to further engine damage.

Given that a radiators typical location is near the front of a vehicle, it can end up taking some beatings over the years. As with other systems dealing in fluids, hoses and seals are not designed to last forever, and over time can wear out and lead to leaks. Fixing a radiator leak is especially important as it can prevent engine failure due to overheating.

When Is It Time For Service?radiator repair ottawa

As mentioned, the systems that keep your engine cool can eventually wear out. Luckily, your vehicle has ways of letting you know whats wrong. If you notice your engine’s temperature is rising (based on the handy gauge on your dash) then it may be the sign of a faulty radiator. You may also notice leaks pooling under your vehicle after being parked. If the leaking fluid is watery and a green or yellow in colour, then leaking engine coolant (from the radiator) can be considered.

Crucial to the performance of the radiator is the water pump. This pump is typically driven either electronically or by the serpentine belt. This belt is what moves the engine coolant through the radiator. This pump can also fail, which can have some similar symptoms to a faulty radiator. Regular maintenance is the best approach for dealing with your vehicles radiator. Fluid flushes and inspections can help you identify any leaks before they happen. If you find yourself in need of inexpensive radiator repairs, then book with Gary’s Automotive.

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