Of all the systems in your vehicle, your engine is the most important. With the most moving parts and housing the widest variety of systems, there are a number of issues that can arise from daily driving. Engine repair can be a fairly broad topic, but the experts at your local Gary’s Automotive can handle any part of the engine, no matter how big or small the issue is.

Engine RepairEngine Repair – The Basics

Most people would simply open their hood, point to the big chunk and call that the engine. However, only a small part of that “chunk” is what is used to drive your car. Under your hood you’ll also find controls, fluid reservoirs, or other components like power steering, brakes, AC and heat, a battery, the alternator, spark plugs, windshield washer fluid, air filters, oil and oil level checkers, transmission fluids, radiators and radiator fluids, fuses and just about any kind of electrical motor used on your vehicle. Knowing exactly whats going wrong under your hood takes the experience of trained professionals, like the ones at your local Gary’s Automotive. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the biggest problems that can plague engines:

Engine won’t start: This can be something simple, but can also be something terrible. When dealing with an engine that won’t start, the best place to look is at the electrical systems. A dead battery will cause an engine to appear dead. If the battery has gone flat, then it doesn’t hurt to check the alternator as well, as it is responsible for charging the battery. In this system there is also the starter motor, which is responsible for initially turning the engine over to engage ignition. If your car starts but doesn’t stay running, there could be a problem with the fuel injection system. If you hear a loud knocking coming from under the hood, seek engine repair IMMEDIATELY. This sound can be the beginning of an engine seizure. When an engine has seized, it will need to be replaced.

Engine is too loud: This is likely caused by damages to the exhaust system. Exhaust leaving your engine is incredibly loud, and is dampened considerably by your vehicles exhaust system. When a leak or damage occurs, that exhaust is free to escape without going through the proper channels, which creates an increase in volume. A cracked manifold is likely the cause of a loud engine. The manifold is a series of pipes that combines exhaust from your engines cylinders, and repairs to the manifold can best be handled by professionals.

Engine is smoking: Blue smoke, coming from the front or back of your car, means is oil burning. Which isn’t good. Black or darker smoke, coming from the front or back of your car, means gasoline is burning, which also isn’t good. Either way, gaskets and valves are loose or damaged somewhere, most likely in the cylinder heads. Get your vehicle reliable engine repair ASAP, as these symptoms can lead to much larger (and more expensive) repairs. While not as dramatic, there’s a chance it could very well be an overheated radiator as well.

Engine Repair – When Is It Time?

The best time to start thinking about engine repair is any time. Making sure you’re following all the scheduled maintenance guidelines set out in your service manual is a crucial habit to get in to. Your engine is the driving force behind your vehicle, and you should treat it as such. Ignoring any “check engine” lights can lead to costly and dangerous situations that could be avoided with a simple inspection or tune up. If you experience any unfamiliar sights, sounds, or smells coming from your engine, book expert engine repair from your local Gary’s Automotive!


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