The most important part of a mechanic’s job is being able to correctly diagnose what’s wrong with your car. But as a driver, it can be difficult to tell if your car has a problem. The following points will help you keep your car properly maintained and may help you determine whether or not your car needs quality Ottawa car repair:

Air Filter Your air filter should be replaced whenever it becomes so dirty it no longer works effectively. A good time to check is every two to three months.
Battery It’s a good idea to have your battery checked when you get an oil change. A mechanic will clean or replace the battery terminals and top off the battery fluid.
Brake Fluid If you notice that your brakes aren’t working as effectively when you apply the pedal, then you should consider having your brake fluid checked. There may be an air pocket in the system or there may just not be enough fluid. Brake systems are crucial for safety, so be sure to book Ottawa car repair if you suspect any damages in your brake system.
Brake Change Because brake wear depends on how frequently you apply the brakes and the environment you drive in, there is no standard for when you should have them replaced. Luckily brakes have a “wear indicator” that makes a high-pitched squeal when your pads are almost done. Have them inspected whenever you have your car in the garage or as soon as you hear your wear indicator.
Engine Coolant If you can, check your engine’s coolant level every month. Most cars have a transparent reservoir with level markings. Neglecting your engine coolant can lead to more severe (and expensive) Ottawa car repair.
Headlights & Taillights It’s a good idea to check your lights every week or so to make sure they’re working right. To do this, just turn the lights on and test the left and right turn signals, your hazard lights, and your brake lights.
Oil Change An essential part of Ottawa car repair, the standard for changing your engine oil is every 5,000km or every three months – whichever comes first. When you get your oil changed, the mechanic will change your oil filter as well.
Power Steering Fluid If you notice that your car’s steering isn’t working as well as it should, you may not have enough steering fluid in your system. If you fill your steering fluid up, but notice later on that it went down again, you may have a leak. In this case, you should bring your car into the garage immediately for reliable Ottawa car repair.
Spark Plugs Since the car’s computer controls the spark plugs, it’s very likely that your “check engine” light will come on if one or more of them fail. If your spark plugs aren’t working, your car will not start.
Suspension You can test your car’s suspension by bouncing the car up and down. If the shocks and shock absorbers are working correctly, then your car should stop bouncing when you step back. If you notice oil leaking from your shock absorber, then you should book Ottawa car repair.
Timing Belt Timing belts are a very durable part of your car, but if they fail your engine can be permanently damaged. Getting a new timing belt installed when your car has reached 60,000km is the safest bet.
Tire Pressure You should check your car’s tire pressure at least once a month. You can find out how much each tire should be filled from one of the stickers located on the inside of the driver’s side door, in the glove box, and in the trunk of your car.
Tire Rotation Your tires will benefit from being rotated around every 5,000km. Tire rotation is just when you move the tires you already have to different wheels so that they wear evenly.
Transmission Fluid If you notice any kind of leaks underneath your car, you should have your transmission fluid checked. You may also need Ottawa car repair service if you notice shifting gears has become difficult (manual transmission) or slower (automatic transmission)
Washer Fluid Most modern cars will tell you if the washer fluid needs to be refilled. Otherwise, it’s always a good idea to fill it all the way as soon as you notice that it’s empty.
Wheel Alignment There are a couple indications that you may need a wheel alignment. The most obvious sign is if your car pulls to one side or the other. If you notice irregular tire wear, your wheel’s alignment may be off as well.
Windshield Wipers If you notice your windshield wipers are leaving streaks, then it they’re probably ready to be replaced. You can take your car into a garage or buy them at an auto parts store and install them yourself. The Ottawa car repair experts recommend you change your windshield wipers before winter, so ice and snow buildup can’t accumulate.

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