If you value safety, then you value brakes. A vehicle’s brake system is nothing to take chances with. That’s why Gary’s Automotive offers the very best when it comes time for a brake check & inspection. You can be sure our experts will keep your vehicle safe.

brake check mechanic serviceHow A Vehicle’s Brakes Work

A vehicles brake system is composed of a number of components. Electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems all work together to ensure a safe stop. These systems can wear out or fail, and when that happens the sooner you get a brake check & inspection, the better. When you step on the brakes, hydraulic fluid is pumped from a reservoir in the engine bay to the calipers, where it closes or opens them, creating friction on the brake pads which stops the car. Since brakes work on hydraulics (using liquid pressure) there can be some expansion and contraction in the lines. This is one area that should be inspected regularly. That expansion and contraction can lead to brake fluid leaks, which can affect how much pressure is put on the calipers. If no pressure is put on the calipers, your vehicle won’t stop. Other components in your brakes, such as pads and rotors, are known as “wear items”. This means that because of their design or function, they will wear out and need to be replaced. Brake pads are typically built with tiny metal strips that contact the rotor when they are worn down. This contact creates a sound that signals it’s time to change your pads.

When Is It Time To Book A Brake Check & Inspection ?

Since brakes are so important, how often should you book a brake check and inspection? It is suggested that you give your brake systems a full check every 20,000KM. With a professional brake check & inspection, you can rest assured knowing all of your vehicle’s systems are inspected.

Gary’s can perform a quality brake check & inspection on your vehicle, so book today!


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