Brake calipers are what brings the entire brake system together. When you put your foot on the brake, it’s the calipers that press the brake pads onto the rotors, making the brakes work. You can count on Gary’s Automotive as Ottawa’s brake experts to ensure your brake systems keep you safe on the road.

Brake Calipers – The Basics

brake caliper repairA vehicles brake system is no doubt one of it’s most important safety functions. When you put your foot on the brake you expect to stop. Your brake caliper is what makes your brake pads come into contact with the rotor, which stops the car. Drum brakes, by their construction, do not feature calipers, but rather use brake shoes pressed against the rotating drum.  To picture the function of a brake caliper, imagine grasping a spinning wheel with your hand. A brake caliper serves essentially the same function. When you press into the brake pedal, brake fluid from a reservoir is pumped through the brake lines to the caliper. When it gets to the caliper, the hydraulic pressure pushes the brake pad into the rotor, creating friction and stopping the vehicle. When you let your foot off the brake, the hydraulic pressure is removed from the caliper, releasing the brake pad from the rotor, allowing your vehicle to drive.

When Is It Time For Service?

Determining a need for brake caliper repair can be tricky. Given that brakes include wear items (items designed to wear out and be replaced) it can be difficult to know if you simply need need new pads or if you need new calipers. Something to look for when driving is a noticeable vehicle pull to one side when braking. This can mean a caliper is stuck, which can cause  a pull to one side. Other things to check for include leaking brake fluid near your wheels, or increased brake pad wear. If you are changing your brake pads often, it could be the result of faulty calipers. Gary’s Automotive has been Ottawa’s brake experts for 35 years, so servicing your vehicle is easy. Book your expert service today!

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