One belt in your engine is responsible for its entire operation and safety. That is the timing belt. Without this belt, your engine would operate out of sync with itself, a problem that would lead to catastrophic engine failure. Luckily, Gary’s Automotive has experts trained in timing belt replacement, and can keep your engine running safely.

Timing Belt ReplacementHow A Timing Belt Works

The timing belt is crucial for controlling the opening and closing of the valves that let gasoline and air in, and exhaust out, of your engine. In your engine are cylinders, where pistons compress a mixture of air and fuel which is ignited, moving the piston and driving the engine forward. Moving the air, fuel and exhaust in and out of those cylinders is an important process. If the valves that control the movement of these products aren’t in perfect sync with the engine, they may hit the pistons themselves, limiting their function and creating damage that would render the engine unusable. The timing belt works by keeping the rotation of the crankshaft (the part that controls the movement of the pistons) in sync with the camshaft (the part that controls the movement of the valves) ensuing that valves in your engine let in (or out in the case of exhaust) the right gasses at the right time. When a timing belt is damaged or broken, this crucial process becomes interrupted, leading to sever engine damage.

When Is It Time For Timing Belt Replacement?

Timing belts, like other belt systems in your vehicle, won’t show too many symptoms before needing to be replaced. A basic inspection for any damage would be a good place to start, looking for any signs of cracked or fraying sections of belt. Your timing belt will have ridges or teeth running across the belt, while your serpentine belt may have grooves running parallel to the belt. In addition of the normal squealing sound that comes from a failing belt, you may also notice difficulty in starting your engine.

If any of these symptoms are appearing in your vehicle, get a timing belt replacement from your local Gary’s Automotive before it’s too late!


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