When it comes time to get on the road, you expect to turn a key and be on your way. What happens when you turn your key and nothing happens? If that’s the case, you may need starter motor repair. Your starter motor is responsible for turning your engine over to begin its initial combustion cycle. Since engines work of off some inertia, this is crucial to getting started. In the past, engines were turned over with a hand crank, or even gunpowder.

starter motor repairHow Starter Motors Work

Your starter motor is responsible for getting your engine started. When you turn your key, power is supplied from the battery into the starter motor. When power is transferred into the starter motor, it turns the engine over.

Power to the solenoid is used to engage the drive gear. Power to the starter motor turns the drive gear and begins turning over the engine. Once the engine has begun turning over, the combustion cycle takes over and the vehicle can run. In order to prevent damage to the starter itself, the gears and drive pin it uses to engage the engine are withdrawn when the combustion cycle takes over, via the return spring.

A starter motor has a very brief function, firing for only a fraction of a second. However, due to the large amount of power it consumes, it is possible for the starter motor to fail. When a starter motor has failed, it won’t be possible to start the vehicle.

When To Book Starter Motor Repair

Unlike some other areas where it may be difficult to tell when you need service, your starter is somewhat easier to diagnose. If your car wont start, it could very well be the starter motor. After ruling out any other electrical issues, a faulty starter motor will be slow to turn your engine over, or will simply fail to do so.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, then get to your local Gary’s Automotive for quality starter motor repair!


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