While your car may run on gasoline, without its battery it won’t be going anywhere. Your car battery powers multiple systems in your vehicle, from ignition to powered accessories to radios and lights. A working battery is what allows your car to start in the first place, by powering the starter motor. When a vehicles battery has gone flat, the vehicle will be unable to start.

Car Battery Services – The Basics

car battery services diagramMost people tend to obsess over the power of their engine, the speed of the car, or the looks of the body, but the battery may very well be the most crucial part. Without a battery to power ignition systems and other electrical components, it wouldn’t matter if your car had 100 or 1000 horsepower, it wouldn’t start.

Your vehicles battery is charged by your alternator. Your alternator is a small motor driven by a belt in your engine. As the alternator turns, it creates an electrical current that in turn charges the battery. A battery is composed of a number of materials and compounds. The main components in a battery are lead, lead dioxide, sulfuric acid, and water. Without getting into too much chemistry, the chemical reaction that occurs in a battery gives off an electrical charge, one that your car uses to power its systems. The process can be reversed, meaning the battery itself can hold a charge.

Car Battery Services -When Is It Time?

If you go to start your car and it simply wont turn on, your vehicles battery made be one of the culprits. A freshly dead battery isn’t the greatest way to start your day, but at least it can be boosted. The best way way to asses your need for car battery services is to have your vehicle inspected by the experts Gary’s. We can determine if you have alternator issues, starter motor issues, or battery issues. Get your service today!

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