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Alternator Repair starting at $34.95 | Having trouble getting your car started? You could be in need of some alternator repair. Your alternator is a crucial part in your vehicle’s ignition system, and without it, your car won’t start. Trust the experts at Gary’s for quality alternator repair! We now offer FREE visual charging system inspections with no purchase necessary. That’s a value of $29.95! Our free inspection is brought to you in part by our commitment to offering our customers exceptional service and repairs at affordable prices. Call and book your appointment today!

Alternator RepairAlternator Repair – The Basics

In 1960, the first alternators were introduced to modern cars. Since then, they have become a standard piece of equipment on all vehicles. The purpose of an alternator is to keep your vehicles battery fully charged and ready to perform. It does this by converting the power your vehicles engine creates burning gas or diesel into an alternating current (or AC power). Small magnets inside a copper coil (the basics of an electric generator) are spun by a drive belt attached to your vehicle’s engine. Any time your engine is running, your alternator is hard at work, supplying power to your battery.

When Is It Time For Service?

When your alternator fails, you may still be able to turn on your car, but it will only be a matter of time before it fails. Eventually your battery will run flat, and you will be unable to start or operate your car. If your car is making a clicking sound, or no noise at all when turning your key, it may be due to a faulty alternator not charging your battery. Jump starting or boosting your vehicle can possibly give you enough of a charge to make it to your local Gary’s. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you’ll need some quality alternator repair!

Gary’s Automotive offers expert alternator repair at everyday low prices. You can count on our team of fully licensed mechanics to have your car back on the road in no time. Give us a call or book with us online today and get back behind the wheel!

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