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If you ever notice your car or battery is having trouble charging, bring it to your local Gary’s Automotive for a thorough system assessment. We offer all of our customers excellent service, high quality parts, and competitive prices when it comes to car battery Ottawa. Next to the engine, your vehicle is powered by a battery (and in some cases, powered ONLY by a battery). Your vehicles battery is responsible for powering all the electronic systems under your hood, so making sure it’s in good working order is crucial for proper vehicle performance.

Car Batteries – The Basics

Car battery ottawaThe creation of the first battery is credited to Alessandro Volta in the year 1800. compared to the batteries we use today, the design was incredibly similar. These batteries are whats known as wet cell batteries, meaning there is a liquid electrolyte (something that can ionize in water) contained inside the battery. Within the battery you’ll find the liquid electrolyte (a mixture of sulphuric acid and water) with lead and lead dioxide plates submerged within. Electrons are released from the lead plates when dipped into the electrolyte, which run through the battery, creating electricity.

Car batteries are also known as SLI batteries, or starter, lights, ignition batteries. These are the systems powered by your vehicles battery. When you turn the key in your car, the ignition activates, completing a circuit to the ignition coil. Power then moves to the starter motor, which activates starting you car. Once your vehicle is running, your fuel system will take over the operation of the car. Your battery continues to power your lights. The reason that your battery doesn’t run out is the vehicles alternator. The alternator generates electricity as an electric generator driven by the rotation and power from the engine. Given that a battery is composed of liquids, temperature can play a big role in determining the efficiency of a battery.

The newest trend in motor vehicles is electricity. Once in the realm of science fiction, modern are slowly ditching the combustion engine in favour of the electricity. While not the first, the Toyota Prius has been hugely successful in bringing electric to the mainstream via the hybrid drive train, which is a combination of gasoline and electric motors. The Prius won’t be winning races any time soon, but the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918, McLaren P1, and the current lineup from Tesla all prove that electricity is a very high performance option.


When Is It Time For Service?

Without the charge, your car won’t start. The battery, alternator, and starter motor all work together to maintain a charge. The electricity that the alternator creates is used to power the electrical components of your car and recharge your battery. Because of exposure to extreme temperatures, the internal parts of an alternator are subject to become worn and damaged. A starter motor has two main components: the motor itself and the starter solenoid. When you turn the key to start your car, the solenoid will close its circuit and activate the starter motor, if there is enough energy in your car’s battery. If your car battery is low or dead, the starter solenoid will not close the starter motor’s circuit and will make a rapid clicking noise instead. If the battery charge is low or dead, then only the battery will need to be replaced. If the battery has died while your car is running, that is an obvious sign that the alternator needs to be replaced. If the starter is failing, there could be an electrical or mechanical problem that may lead to having both the starter and battery replaced. Having a certified Gary’s technician inspect your engine can determine the proper issue and need for repairs to your car battery Ottawa systems.

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