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Brake Fluid Flush
-A complete flush of the hydraulic system removing broken down fluid and moisture.
Coolant Flush
-A complete flush of the cooling system.
Power Steering Flush
-A complete flush of the hydraulic steering system.
Major Service Package
-Oil change, including top up of all fluids, complete vehicle inspection, service plan report, and tire rotation.
Basic Oil Change
-Basic drain and fill of the oil and replacement of the oil filter.
Synthetic Oil Change
-Drain and fill of the oil and replacement with synthetic oil and new oil filter.
-Installation of laser mapped heads to read and adjust suspension angles to prevent pulling and excessive tire wear.
Brake Rotor Service
-A complete disassembly of the front or back brakes, equipped with rotors. Includes servicing of caliper brackets, lubrication and cleaning of slider pins and servicing of rotors and pads.
Tire Rotation & Wheel Balance
-Rotate all four tires and dynamic balance.
Computer Diagnostic Scan
-Use of high tech scanner to pull vehicle error codes and diagnose faults (includes 1 hour of diagnostic).
Moto-Vac Fuel System Cleaning
-Use of moto-vac machine to clean out fuel injection system.
A/C Evacuation & Recharge
-Use of A/C machine to vacuum out old vehicle A/C refrigerant and moisture, then charge with new refrigerant.
A/C Performance Inspection
-Check for A/C refrigerant leaks and evaluate overall A/C performance.
Headlight Alignment
-Adjust and re-align the headlights to correct night time vision.


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