Tips For Storing Winter Tires

Winter Tire Storage


It’s that time of year again where the temperature rises and winter tires are taken off to hibernate for another season. It’s often an exciting event comparable to putting away your winter clothes and taking out your spring shoes and jacket. Just how you’re careful to store your winter gear, you should also store your winter tires with care to prevent dames. Here are some tips for storing your winter tires.

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Do I Need All Wheel Drive For Winter?

Winter All Wheel Drive

With winter slowly creeping in once again, the same old question has once again begun to surface, do I need all wheel drive to survive the winter? Gary’s is here to figure out if driving two extra wheels is worth it for the winter. We’ll also look at the differences between all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive and which one can perform the best in the snow and ice.

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Wheel Alignments – A Must Have Service For Summer

Wheel AlignmentBefore we get started it’s important to note that with the increases in driving done over the summer, ALL services are must haves for both safety and economy. A car that is ready to tackle anything the open road can throw at it is much easier to maintain and will save you more in the long run.

A wheel alignment is so important because not only can improperly aligned wheels be racking up the costs for you, they can also put you in danger. With some advice and service from Gary’s Automotive, summer driving can be a breeze.


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Gary’s Tire Buying Guide

shelf of tiresLeaving the house no longer requires 5 different layers of thermal underwear, jackets, boots, scarves and hats. The snow is quickly melting, and the open road begins calling us once again. Over the past few months, we’ve been driving on winter tires. While winter tires and their common black steel rim counterparts work fine in the winter, summer tires exist for a reason. When it comes time for better dry grip and longer lasting treads, it’s time to switch to summer tires. Shopping for winter tires is easy, the most grip you can get for your buck is the clear choice. Summer tires offer a bit more complexity and choices, so Gary’s is here with our handy tire buying guide!

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