Movie Cars: The Rocker, The Roller, The Out Of Controller!

Movie Cars

The folks at Gary’s Automotive will keep your car working much better than salvaged cars of a dystopian wasteland. That doesn’t mean these cars aren’t interesting. Here we take a look at a classic car chase movie series.  With a new installment due out next year, it’s not too late to customize your car (we do recommend leaving off any flame throwers or large spikes however). The Mad Max series spiced up the car chase genre and changed the face of it forever. Of course, the film featured some incredibly modified movie cars.

1979 was a big year for motion picture releases. Christopher Reeve first donned the red tights in Superman, Ridley Scott gave us a new fear in Alien, and the first Star Trek film was released. Perhaps most notably, Apocalypse Now hit theatres starring a legendary cast and is still a top contender for “best film of all time”.  In the midst of all these masterpieces, a cult classic power house was quietly released not from Hollywood, but from Australia.

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Extinct Cars – Dinocarus Rex Is On The Loose

Extinct CarsDriving With Dinosaurs

Several of us have felt the envy of pulling up to a stoplight in our little commuter only to have something like a Porsche or Ferrari come up beside us and leave us in the dust. Yet we seldom give a second glace to an Oldsmobile Alero or a Pontiac Vibe as they drive by. In our commute we wouldn’t be surprised to see a hawk, yet we would be surprised to see a velociraptor. We should delight at the chance to see some of these extinct cars in action!


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