Future and Self Driving Vehicles

We have evolved in the past 80 years more than we did in the past 400 years. 50 years before from today we couldn’t have thought of driving a Lamborghini or a Ferrari that will have a map in it and it will take us to our destination with the least amount of efforts involved. But we don’t have to go that far beyond in the past 20 years we were hoping to flying cars but nobody though that a Self-driving Car might also be a thing of the future.

The automotive industry has advanced to new heights, not necessarily in converting a environmental friendly technology but surely moving to a self-driving technology is a the next big thing. What does this means to our current traffic situation and the way we are accustomed to travel? Would a self-driving vehicle eliminate the need of a person to be in a present state of mind? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? We surely do not know the answers yet. The stakeholders in the self-driving vehicles are increasingly curious and looking for resources to address these issues but the people who have a stake in their cities and societies will also want to be a part of these debates as well, there should be a system that addresses and allows people to voice their relative issues since the shape of the coming future might be very different than as what we know now.

The question no longer remains that whether self-driving cars will be on the road or not but the question now is When SDVs will overtake the roads. The trend is continuously and rapidly growing among the top automotive producers and they all want to be the leaders in this niche. Surely Ellon Musk has taken the lead but who knows the next best SDV is made by Honda. Economical, fuel efficient and reliable, who wouldn’t buy that right? On top of that you don’t have to worry about using your cell phones while driving either you might as well watch a movie or a series while driving to or from work.