Celebrities That Look Like Cars

celeb carWhen the movie Cars came out in 2006 it had a major error. An error that literally made the events of the Back To The Future trilogy more believable than any plot contained in Cars. What was it that the geniuses at Pixar overlooked?


Alas, we’ve managed to get the pitchforks put away, and the great “windshield eyes” riots have finally calmed down. The all-star cast of Cars made me think of what other celebrities could appear in the films no doubt 15 series run, so I’ve compiled a quick list of celebrities that look like cars.

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Sharing Ottawa’s Roads

Sharing Ottawa's roads mapWhen the first roads were built, it was impossible to imagine the types of traffic that would be on them today. From dirt footpaths to 8 lane superhighways, roads have evolved to take on modern traffic with efficiency and speed. In recent years, a push has been made to allow an alternative mode of transit to cars, such as walking or bicycling. This has created a fierce divide between cyclists and motorists, with each claiming that the other isn’t following the rules of the road. As you can see by this map of Ottawa showing the roads vs the bike lanes and paths, there’s going to be plenty of overlap where drivers and cyclists will share the road. Gary’s Automotive is here to help both sides know the proper rules of the road so everyone can get out and enjoy what this city has to offer.



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What It’s Like To (Safely) Total A Car

crashed malibuHave you ever been cleaning around the house, and almost hit your head on a shelf? Almost poked your eye on plant or something else sticking out?  For a few seconds after the fact, you smile and think “boy that was close” and “I almost hit my little finger in the door, I SHOULDN’T BE ALIVE!”. Every day, people get in car accidents. Some lose a bumper or some paint, some lose much more. I was fortunate enough to experience the former, although only by inches.



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Top Automotive Upgrades

Multi-ExhaustWhen you own a car, you want it to perform it’s very best. Gary’s is here to help provide regular service and repairs on your vehicle, but also to provide helpful mechanic advice on the top automotive upgrades for your car. If you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle, then you’ve come to the right place!

Upgrading Your Engine

If you want to really get the most out of upgrades, you’ll have to start with the engine. There are a number of ways to really get the most out of what’s under your hood, starting with increasing the power:

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